tight spokes????

this might be a really dumb question, i ride street, i have a 20" trials with an alex rim, the spokes on it are pritty loose, they are kinda snug but i can easily move them when i squeeze… are spokes supposed to be tight??? and should i just take it to the LBS and get it tuned up?? do they have to do anything different than a normal bike since it is a unicycle??

You shouldn’t be able to move them more than a couple mm each, so at most the spokes shouldn’t compress more than a cm in total.

You want your spokes to be as tight as the spokes and the rim will allow; the strength of the wheel comes from spoke tension, so the looser they are, the weaker the wheel is.

if they dont creak, it sould be fine

That’s completely inaccurate. Creaking is definitely a sign of a wheel with insufficient tension, but many wheels with insufficient tension do not creak, and are still more prone to failure.

ok then never mind

ive been wondering this also