Tiger Fur Saddle

OK Ya’ll

The secret to making the tiger saddle is that there is no secret pattern for making one.

But I’d be glad to outline the process I used to recover my Velo saddle.

  1. I went to the fabric store and found the pattern I wanted in fleece material, they had everything from camo to little bunnies. select a random pattern or solid color, because the material will be stretched causing the pattent to distort.

  2. Remove saddle from the post, then the handle and bumper. Pull the staples out and peel back the material where it is folded over.

  3. Next with a scizzors and single edge razor trim off the folded over material even with the plastic of the base plate.

  4. Cut a rectangle of the fabric about 24x 16. The tiger material I used had a light colored stripe so I cut the material so the stripe would be down the center.

  5. Spray a light single coat of glue (I used 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive) all over the existing seat cover, and spray a light coat on the back of the fleece material. Unless you’r a glue head do this in a well ventalated area.

  6. With the fabric face down on a table place the salddle in the center. You wont get a second chance so make sure you put it down where you want it.

  7. The Idea now it to stetch the material as little as posible and get it to lay smoothly over the entire top of the seat. The center and sides will be streched the most and the material will be compressed together at the front and back. So try to get as many of the wrinkles hidden under the handle and bumper as possible.

  8. Once you are satisfied with the results, trim off the excess material with scizzzors leaving 3/4 of an inch to wrap over, glue and staple to the plastic base plate. I used 1/4" staples and a tack hammer to drive them in the rest of the way. The handle and bumper will hold the front and back so only the sides need to be stapled.

Mount that seat back on yer uni, stand back and admire your work, good job!

It took me longer to type up these instructions than it did to actually do the job.

Ya’ll have fun now, Hear?



That is a thing of true beauty. Thanks for sharing the photograph.

Well, that’s it.

Going to the leathercraft supply shop. Gonna make a cool saddle now.

It won’t be as cool as the tiger fur saddle, 'cause nothing else is as cool as that.

I mabe myself a bit more furry saddle cover

But i have to admit, i sewed it together, and putitng it on top ot hte existing one, and it’s removable so it won’t be that much of a big deal when it’s no good anymore :wink:

:sunglasses: :smiley: waoo very nice i love it but is it confortable ?
and a little light,a psp or DVD , when ?

if you made the material longer to the sides, and maybe put in some grommets you could make it KH style, just tie up the underside. I will definitely make one of these eventually. This is one of the coolest customizations I have seen on a uni yet.

Buying fabric soon. will revive thread when job is done. wahoo!

Ur tiger cover looks realy nice, I made this cover for my airseat.

Wyyoww! Does that thing speak? It has a beak …

The tiger seat is beautiful. I think Kris Holm ought to talk to his manufactor about making something similar.