Ti Disk Rotor?

I’m looking to put a disk brake on my KH36er, and came across these http://www.koloshop.cz/brzdy-brzdove-kotouce-188/quaxar-superlight-iris-silver-kotouc-160mm.html

Just wondering how a titanium rotor would hold up on a unicycle.

Has anyone here used one?

Any help would be appreciated,

My google translation says that it is stainless steel with a Ti finish. I would guess that it is just a cosmetic finish since it doesn’t have the gold color of Ti Nitride.

I don’t see any benefit to the added cost of a ti rotor

Agreed, I was just curious if a titanium one (if it were real) would be any better / worse than steel etc.

Titanium might be lighter than steel, but it doesn’t have good frictional properties. It has a tendency to gall, where steel will stay relatively smooth. For, that reason there are few, if any solid titanium rotors in the more demanding motorsports world. Steel rules, until you get into relatively fragile ceramic and carbon compounds.

Titanium coatings are a different story. As Jtrops noted, it might be simething like TiN, or a similar Ti compound, engineered for a more durable surface finish. These don’t necessarily have to be gold. A TiN coating might reduce wear or increase surface friction, but I doubt it would make it any lighter or stronger. It may just be a purely cosmetic thing too.

If you really want to go weight weenie with a rotor, why not try one of these.


I believe that the rotor you posted is only light because it is drilled to within an inch of its life. On a bike that may not matter, but for us it will feel horrible and judder like crazy.

Hmm, that looks like it will be good at taking the knocks of unicycle riding :roll_eyes:

Having also seen the results of a sawtooth rotor on somebody’s leg TBH about the only lightweight rotor I’d think worth using on a uni is probably one of the Hope floating ones - though despite having those on my bike I’ll be sticking with a boring normal one on my uni (I am running a B4SL brake, which is doubtless far lighter than what most people are using, so I’ve already got my weight saving there).

Would need special pads for carbon fiber rotor. Shimano Ice Tech rotors are aluminum sandwiched between steel. Light and excellent heat dissipation. That being said, Munis don’t have the heat issues that MTBs have.

You think not? If anything it’s potentially a bigger problem for us - I certainly notice my brake squealing on the uni a lot more than it ever did when fitted to my bike, which is a sign of excessive heat. That’s because we tend to drag our brakes for longish periods rolling down hills so dissipate a lot of energy in them (we also only have one), bikes might go faster, but they tend to use their brakes for much shorter time periods and dump less total energy in them.

Right. They have even more heat issues.