thudbuster seat post.

Hi all,
I’ve been uni’ing about 3 months now and am really enjoying it. I bought a 24" torker through my work (i work at a sporting goods store and had it special ordered)and it’s pretty cool. I have a question though… Will i be able to add a thudbuster seat post direct to my seat or would i need that rail adapter that runs another $60? I’ve been working on riding off of curbs and would like to try some steps but i’m none to comfortable while doing it sometimes… any info would be much appreciated,

you could get one of these seatposts that roger has, i don’t know if they come in 22 mm
or you could get a better seat, which is probably a better (and cheaper idea).
loads of people have tried using suspnsion seatposts, but they haven’t becom popular because having a big bouncy tire and a decent seat works better.

are you remembering to sit up when you ride down kirbs? it hurts otherwise.


Not that there is anything wrong with the Torker, but i wouldnt make any upgrades, except a knobby tire. I had a torker, and i tacoed it last week. If your that interested my opinion would be to just get a new uni.
my two cents

thanks for the help