Thudbuster LT Suspension Seatpost 27.2mm

I bought this to use on a KH 24 muni, came complete with a variety of elastomers and a kit for replacing the bearing sleeves. The post is cut down to accomodate the “suspension”, so though it looks short, it is quite long. I have a 32" inseam and it is just short enough that I can ride a 26er with 165’s.

The Thudbuster will fit onto a KH adjustable seat post seat bracket. I had it set up on a KH 24 for my son, he rode it a few times, uni has since been sold so it’s not being used. It does work and is adjustable for “feel” by changing durometers and/or adjusting preload. If you want suspension, this is pretty much the only way you can add it to a uni.

$60 plus shipping.

If you have any questions, send a PM and I’ll try to answer.

Fit: The Thudbuster seat post has 4.5" of post and 5.5" of suspension. Using a KH adjustable seat post base, measuring downward from the rounded base of the mounting bracket (the part bolted to the seat), the minimum distance from the mounting bracket to the top of the seat post tube (frame/seat post clamp) is 5.5". Maximum distance is ~8" which allows for 2" of the post in the frame.

On my KH 26, the minimum distance from the spindle center (hub center) to the rounded part of the mounting bracket is 25", which places my KH freeride seat (taint) at a minimum 28.5" from the spindle center and a maximum of 31".

Here are some pics to help clarify how the post works with a KH adjustable seat post:

Hey Ben

I might be interested in this for my road unicycle.

If nobody buys it by then could you bring it to CMW?

Hey Eric, not so sure I’ll make it Cali, haven’t made plans yet, sorta stuck on my laurels so to speak.

Will it fit your road uni, which I assume is a 29/36?

should fit.

The road uni I was thinking about is a 700mm BCD rim with skinny tire to fit in a KH29 frame. comes out to about 31" but is a bit rough when I hit cracks in the road. Lots of seatpost visible when using short cranks.

I am going to stick with a squishy tire and my legs for MUni.

Tirving wants it, so off it goes to the left coast :roll_eyes:

As for the rest of ya, I hear Walmart has egg crate foam on sale this weekend :smiley:

I’ll let everyone know how it works on my munis and maybe my 36-er if I can get it to fit :slight_smile: