Three wheel Giraffes

>If a 3 whhel giraffe is much harder to ride?
The 3 wheeler weighs more than an ordinary girrafe. Also, the transmission
(the center wheel) is harder than a chain. Tires must be well-inflated. You
have to pedal much harder to get it moving. So, it probably is more difficult
than ordinary giraffes. After you get accustomed, though, it probably is
about the same.
>Since one cannot stand on the wheel to mount, can they still be free mounted?
You can stand on the wheel & you can free mount it. Just as an ordinary giraffe,
it is not easy to do it, but it is possible. My daughter, Margarita, has been
freemounting our three wheeler since she was 12 years old. My son, Javier,
freemounts it many different ways, the conventional way, jump mount uo to the
pedals, jump mounts to hopping on the top wheel. Also does a wheel by wheel
mount, and a running mount, etc. He also does sideways wheel walk, 360 unispin
and many other skills. So yes, the frame has to be sturdy. What I am trying to
tell you is that it can be lots of fun. Since it has the wheel up there, you can
do almost all the skills you can do in a regular unicycle. We have a Tom Miller
built three wheeler. It is already about 8 years old. We have changed lots of
tires. Once I saw all the things that Javier was coming out with, I changed the
axles. Except fot that, it is exactly as Tom sold it to us. So, I have two
1)Go ahead and get one. It can be lots of fun.
2)Unless you know what you are doing, buy it from Tom Miller, from the
Unicycle Factory,