Three-Wheel Giraffe

Hi everyone,

I’m new here. Been unicycling for about 20 years off and on with a couple of old schwinns, but just now discovered this place!

I’m in the market for a new Giraffe. I really like the look of the SemCycle 3-wheeler (here’s the link - )

But, the frame seems to be three sections bolted together, and I’m worried that it won’t be stiff enough (migh wobble a little) or that it’ll break-down before long. I weigh about 190 lbs., so I want something strong.

Does anyone have any experience with this machine? What’s the opinion of anyone who’s actually seen or ridden one? Any product reviews will be appreciated!

– Ron (The Hurler)

Im not sure but i think the one wheeled torker tx will work better because the three wheeled one is probably build more for show than the others. Maybe.

One cool thing about the semcycle, is that it looks like if you just swap some parts around, you can have a regular sized uni in a matter of minutes.

I’ve crashed my 5 foot Torker quite a few times and it’s still straight. I have to set the seat straight every time, but I think that keeps it from bending. It’s also very stable while riding. If only I could free mount it, dragging a ladder around sucks.

LOL your lucky I bent my frinds Torker about 15 degrees learning to fremount! :astonished: !

Then I got myself a nice Nimbus 5’ delux giraffe AFTER I learned to ride and it dosent have a scratch on it:D .

Anyway back to topic I agree with Dark_side somewhat. The fact is that bot are for show the 3 wheel might be a little more impressive BUT it’s like $500 so you gotta think how much do I want 3 wheels. :roll_eyes:

I think the three wheeler is for parades and such-like, and isn’t that robust atall, due to the construction as you described.

My friend and I both have Torker TXs, mine’s ok but his is bent like a banana just from hopping up and down curbs.

on the three wheels if you get any water on the bottom wheel it reduces the friction on the ruber and you go down. hard to get the frame straight with all the bolts.

u can theyre nice if youve got the money go for it
but if your getting back into it you might want something lighter theyre a little slugish with handling because of all the weight