Thomson seat post + KH frame creak?

So, I finally spent a little bit more cash and put on a nice thomson seatpost on my geared 29. The first 75 miles or so I didn’t really hear any noise, but on my most recent ride it was creaking like CRAZY. I am fairly certain it is coming from somewhere at the contact of the frame and post, but it could be the rails (yes the bolts are tight). It does not sound like a spoke creak, and I dont hear the sound when pedaling without much torque, but shifting around and forward back movement seem to cause some nasty creak. I did a quick google search and saw that a few mountain bikers had this same problem, but didnt see many solutions.

I am going to try to clean the post and frame tube to see if that helps, but has anyone had this issue before with thomson + KH frames?

I am not 100% sure it is the post yet, but I do have a lot of experience with located noise and getting used to common noises from unicycles. I am going to try switching it out with a diff post tomorrow to see if that helps, I am too exhausted to do any maintenance tonight. Either way, I’ll update this thread with my findings, and hopefully others can chime in if they had a similar seatpost creak.

I run a thomson seat post in Kh frame attached to the KH rail adapter and have had no problems with squeaking. On a previous set up i did but it turned out the be the internals of the seat making all the noise (i snapped the stiffener plate). Atm it is attached to a CF base with a strip of innertube separating it and it is solid as a rock- with no noise to complain of.

I’ve been using a thomson post in a KH frame for a few years and it’s never creaked.
If you’re using a plastic seat then the noise is probably coming from that.

I’m running a CF seatbase attached as described with the piece of rubber separating the rail adapter and the CF base (been running it that way for a long time with no issues with KH seat posts). I really should just swap the post out, but the last thing I want to do is get out of this seat tonight as I am dead tired from my ride today.

I recently had a similar noise when I installed a new handle, which, I assumed was caused either by the new seatpost required for the handle, or, the changes in the seat.

After checking for the usual possibilities (including bearing holders) I spent 2 hours messing around with the seat/handle at the end of which, with no solution in sight, I again tightend the bearing holders and the noise dissapeared.

Details here-

Might be worth you re-checking the bearing holders, I wish i had :slight_smile:

100% sure it is the seatpost now. I switched it out with a diff KH seat and KH post, and no noise. Noise is either from the frame/post contact area or from where the clamps are on the rails.

Will update more when discovered…I am kind of relieved it isnt anything related to the hub =]

Problem solved!!

I took out the post, took some de-greaser, cleaned the frame tube and the thomson post. Added some phil wood grease to the post and the tube, inserted again and BAM no more noise or awful creaking.

I have never had this issue with a KH post, so if you have a thomson post and are hearing some nasty creaking, I recommend making sure the rails are tight (which mine were) and then cleaning the frame and post adding grease and putting it back on.