Thomson Masterpiece question

Hey all,
I was wondering if the Thomson masterpiece has the same interface as the thomson elite? Can I use a masterpiece with a swallis base? The reason I’m asking is because I’m getting a purdy one for $25 from a local MTBer. :smiley:
I hope you’re all jealous

dunno man :slight_smile:

Both models of Thomson (Elite & Masterpiece) are the same design. The Masterpiece just has less mass. Both will fit a Wallis base.

PS: Jealous here - $25. is steal!

Yes, exactly the same according to their website docs

Yay! I’m going to be picking this up pretty soon, who else gets a $130 post for $25 bucks!

gimme gimme :smiley:

Why did you even post that? If you want your post count up, go to Most Replys cause that helped him in no way whatsoever and wasted anyone’s time who read it.

Stop polluting the forums with this useless crap, what were you thinking? Stuff like this really upsets me.

I’ll support the others by saying that yes, they both use the same interface and will both work fine with the Wallis base. For others looking for cheap Thomsons check out ebay, seriously, new ones can be had for as cheap as 25 dollars!