this uni any good?

hey every one,
i am teaching my friend to ride and he didnt wanna pay alot over a $100, i suggested to torker unistar LX 24 inch.
will he be alrite on it?

thnks, troy

heres the link

Yes…but get an LX20

no its for my friend,
and he has tried a 20 and a 24 and liked the 24 better

The Torker LX is a good unicycle for learning and just riding around. It probably will not hold up with hard use though.

That is quite good value for money.

I would of been happy to of started out with a uncycle like that.

looks like a good investment in his unicycle career.

just make sure he stays on the pavement with it so that it can live a long, healthy, balanced life!

LX=AMAZING begginer uni, I used it and its crank finally stripped after a bunch of 1-1.5 foot drops and riding down stairs though :).

I would still reccomend him the 20" unless he wants to be doing MUni or just commuter riding because most trials, street, and freestyle riders don’t use 24s…

this place has it also for a couple of buck less. you might want to look at them.

well right now he says he wants to use it to go places and likes my uni which is 24.
but if hes like me, hes gonna want to get a trials .
i said i was gonna use the uni to go places but i learned 24 isnt that fast (its not slow either)
but i wanna get a trials and then eventually get a coker.

p.s. i have 150 saved for a nimbus isis trials, 2 more pay checks and the order is gonna be final.

Its a good buy. He can get it on ebay for cheaper I think. And good choice on the nimbus ISIS trials. I LOVE mine. I hope you are upgrading the cranks to KH.