'This made my day' stories

I find it quite fascinating how small comments, gestures or other actions from total strangers can make you happy for the rest of the day. I’m not the only one who’s experienced it, right? So share your stories here and spread the happiness. :slight_smile:
Since it’s posted in RSU, it should be somehow related to unicycling. If there already is another thread with the same topic, please link to it and let this thread die.

OK, I’ll go first. Here in Sweden, most people don’t like to get involved with strangers. A Swedish humor blog once posted this image which is considered ‘typical Sweden’.
Anyway, to get to the point; being on a unicycle, passerbys tend to try to ignore you as much as they can. Fine with me, this means less “where’s your other wheel?” comments. But when I was learning to ride there was one particular guy who didn’t look in another direction when I noticed him. Instead he smiled, did a thumb up and said “Go go!”. For some reason this really cheered me up and I kept training with a smile on my face.

My other story happened today. I was outside practicing wheel walking in a (usually empty) parking lot when a Red Bull car drove by. The car stopped and two girls inside gave me a Red Bull. I’m not a fan of energy drinks but this time it hit the spot. I decided to drink it while it was cool and sat down to rest a little bit.
But the story doesn’t end here. Soon the car returned and the girls asked if they could take a photo of me drinking Red Bull on my unicycle, or ‘pretty cool bike’ as they put it. Of course I said yes. Unfortunately I had never tried drinking anything on a unicycle before, and being really tired, it was actually pretty hard to drink from the bottle while riding slowly. (Hey, I’m still a beginner). In the end I managed to do a small still stand while drinking, I hope it doesn’t look as if I’m about to fall on the picture. Heh.

Now, let’s hear your stories!

Yes, people can be spontaneously uplifting at times!

Once while I was riding in a busy part of town a man with his young son, perhaps eight years old, noticed me. The kid was speechless and the dad said to him, “that’s really cool!”

Setting a good example, way to go dad! :smiley:

One time I was riding in a park ans there was a woman with her 8 year-old son, the woman noticed me and said “look at the guy on the tricycle” the kid ran up to me and said “how can you ride a unicycle”

It is great to know that a 8 year-old knows what a unicycle is, but a 35 old woman thinks it is a tricycle…

Well, I don’t have any of these stores yet, however, this is my fav!!!

About a week ago I was at the usual soccer game for the local middle school, and to kill some time I thought I would go ahead and bring my unicycle. About a half hour in I had found a set of stairs I was going up and down on, and a group of kids with skate boards, about 11-12 came up with skate boards. They were totally astounded, saying things like “how does that work?” and “wow (billy? I think was one of their names) he can jump higher then you”.
The 5 of us rode around until the end of the game trying to best each other, me on my unicycle, them on their skate boards.

p.s.- I received no negative “where’s your other wheel comments from them”!

My son and I were out riding together and stopped for a breather- a woman out walking commented how she was so impressed- they had a unicycle there at the house, and neither of her sons had ever learned to ride it.

I was talking to my brother about the guy who stopped me and explained that he had seen another unicyclist riding just the other day on a certain street. I mentioned to my brother that he said it was a women rider with a big 36" wheel. My brother joking asked, “did you ask if she was hot?”. No, I didn’t, especially being married it didn’t seem appropriate.

So later I googled the street where the guy had seen the woman. Turns out he had to have seen me since I was there the previous day. I had a flap hanging from the back of my helmet down my neck as a sun block, the guy must have thought it was long hair.

Now I sorta wonder what that guy would have said, if I did ask, if she was hot. :smiley:

My brother an I had a good time joking about this, and something about getting me a neon green sports bra…

My team mate John and I were on an RTL practice ride to Doheny beach when we came upon a Drunken running group having a street party. They handed both of us beers and asked me to ride into the center of the group and a girl would show us her breasts. So after 3 false starts(beer in one hand, boobs on the brain) I rode into the center. Sure enough this very well endowed gal lifted he shirt for about 45 seconds. Not just a flash. John missed it so another did the same. All in all a great ride.

he he, that is pretty cool. I don’t have any cool stories like this but I got a free drink from a super market cause i was on a unicycle why i don’t know but she didn’t charge me lOL. it was cool ^^

Another positive thread?
Thanx for starting it Hansc, I’ll keep a lookout.


Sadly, no pixs! But fortunately I have a pornographic memory!

Lucky b@$t@rd!

Really? Beer chugging was the first trick I learned on a unicycle.


Not as great as some of these I read but this was cool for me. My wife and I went down to the beach for a bike ride. Her on her bike and me on my 26" uni. we were riding along side the beach road on one of those “bike paths”. We came to a street and as I started across a car came around the corner. I immediately stopped in place and started hopping. He got this big grin on his face and then let us pass. I was happy the hopping stop came so naturally given I have just started learning that. It was very cool not having to get off because of a distraction.

For me it must be last nights event when a young BMX’er came over to me as I was having a jump down some steps and said

“are you unicycle Bob from Youtube?”

It was really nice to think that this young fella had watched one of my vids. Him and three mates were all trying to decide who should come over and ask.

It came two days before the anniversary of me getting my first Uni. (12th June)

I was made up and offered him a go on my Nimbus, he declined…