This Is Unicycling

Nice lines and cool trick at the end!

So sick!

I remeber seeing you at cmw talking to I think Cody. You said you had already finished all the lines with only 4 mistakes. I didn’t know who you were at the time so I thought you had to have cheated. But with these videos you’ve definetly proved me wrong.

Also see you got the footplant seatwhip thing. Looks clean.

DUDE, Thats so sick !

That was awesome.

awesome video i loved the editing. you are amazing at trials.

Youre doing KH proud max keep it up !!!

Wow! Another Joe Hodges? But with your own style of course. Great vid! :smiley:

this video was put togther! the riding was also great. i really liked the rolling hop to that pole

That was a terrific little spill!(at the end)

That ending looked harsh.

All I can say about the video is, “… you bastard.”

Im saving this one.

Umm… Wow… Sick all round rider… Nuff said!

Wow, incredible. Nice work, you’re an amazing trials rider:)

Dude… nicely done. Cool mix.

Smoothest matrix plant ever, I’ma have to top it!

Thanks guys! next one will be as good if not better hopefully.

It didn’t turn out to hurt me at all. it was really scary though and I almost got nutted by my pedal.

I never thought I would say this about a trials video. This is one of my favorite unicycle videos ever. Top three for sure.

I loved the riding, but especially the elements of the video itself…

This was epic. Nicely done!

hahaha im glad someone remembered what it was called!

crazy vid, love how your decent at a lot of styles, good vid man

that video is really good. One of my all time faves.

The move at 4:17 is great! Dan Heaton + 1