This community is outstanding

Chatting on the forums daily here is great fun, but meeting people in real life is just so special.

Late in summer 2022 I knew I had a business trip to Dallas, Texas coming up - so I posted on the forums to see if there were any MUni folks in the area. Quickly I heard from @Uni2ONE2. We made arrangements, and kept in touch for the months before. @Uni2ONE2 went out of their way to organize the trip by doing all kinds of footwork to scout trails, offer me lists of iconic restaurants we could go to, and even offered to let me ride their unicycle that was outfitted just like the on I had at home.

Well, I’m writing to you from my hotel in Texas. I just got back this evening from hanging out with @Uni2ONE2 and another unicyclist from the Dallas-Fortworth Unicycle Club (correct me if I have the name wrong :smiley: ).

It was an incredible experience and very special to get to step away from business for the evening and just get outside and ride with like-minded folks. On the drive to meet up, the weather was terrible. Pouring rain to the point that the driver had to put four-way blinkers on. Lightning cracked. My phone gave me a tornado warning. It almost seemed impossible. But as soon as we met up - the skies cleared and nature granted us about an hour of a sweet ride. It was really awesome, and really special.

Then the three of us went to eat at a local BBQ place that was phenomenal. The brisket was oh-so tasty, and I gotta say, I never knew how much I needed bluecheese coleslaw in my life before today. I’ll be attempting to recreate that in my kitchen for sure.

I could gush forever, but I wanted to just leave a small note saying how great this community is. And a special thank you to @Uni2ONE2, Katsu, and the Dallas-Fortworth Unicycle Club for rolling out the red carpet for me to make my visit special.

Here are some photos:

Me and the host after cycling some muddy trails.

Great eats at Lockhart Smokehouse!


Yesterday was awesome. If any of you get the chance to meet and ride with Ryan, it’ll be a great time.

Ryan, I am really happy that you thought to use the forum to reach out to any riders in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that might want to ride.

Thanks for braving the crazy weather that hit us right before the ride!