This (29"er) and that (MUni)

Well, having sold my Coker and having decided to get a 29" unicycle, I made up my mind to go with a custom job from Dave (U-Turn). The cost is not that much more than the Yuni 29" unicycle and as it turns out it is unlikely that there’ll be shipping charges. We’re going to meet at the next Unatics meeting where I’ll take delivery. (A visit with the Unatics being a side benefit of the deal). I’ll try to remember to also bring a camera and post some shots. I know I’ll miss the Coker at the Unithon, but besides that the 29"er is going to be my cruising around town machine. I can not wait!

As for the MUni part, it turns out that there is an abandoned baseball field behind my development. When we moved here I used to hit some balls around with a friend, but quickly the field became overgrown from lack of maintenance by the town. (There was, in fact, a frivolous lawsuit by some of the original homeowners here. They claimed they didn’t know that there was going to be a ball field here and that it attracted aimless teens who drank there at night. Well, despite the ball field being on the plans for the development before it was built, the homeowners actually won the suit.) I had not gone down there in years and had always assumed that the field was completely grown over. But I rode down this evening and it turns out that the field has big patches of rideable dirt and three paths of varying downgrade leading to it. So, all this time there’s been a place for me to try out off road type stuff just 50 yards from my house. I’ll be putting on the knee, elbow and wrist pads and trying it out as soon as it isn’t one big mud puddle. It looks like my 24" Schwinn will still have some use after the 29"er arrives.


Oh yeah, on my trip to Dunkin Donuts this evening it turns out I didn’t zip up my fann…uh, waist bag, and my money fell out. (Only $2). But my credit is good there and got my coffee and donut anyway.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Future sign in Coffee shop:

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