Thinking about getting a 24" Qu-ax..

I’ve been doing some riding on local hiking trails on my KH 20"… and wishing I was on a bigger wheel. Looking around and the forums here I’m thinking a Qu-ax 24" muni is the way to go… at $330 its not nearly as expensive as a KH ($520).

Has anyone had any problems with this uni? I know wogri likes his (hers?). Any recommendations are welcome…


I like Qu-Ax. They are great quality unicycles for a really reasonable price. They aren’t as heavy as they were before, and they’re quite strong. They come with the new KH handle, which is a major bonus, and are just good all around.

Ask for a specific crank length though (if they have them, I don’t know). My freind’s came with a pair of super long cranks, maybe 175, I think. Maybe just 170. Anyway, they’re long. Make sure you know what you’re getting in that department.