Thinking about buying 36"uni

I’m 5-6" and have 29" inseam would I be able to ride one safely. If not I would have
settle for a 29"

29" inseam is cutting it close…but I think some of the other people on the forum have gotten it to work. You might have to cut down the seat tube and get some short cranks though.

I’m 4’ 10" and can ride a coker with 110mm cranks.

you’ll fit.

Well i’m 5’ something and my pedals are magnesium on my coker. So you can imagine the speed i’m getting. Also i have 110s, 125s, and 170s. But they’re mostly used on my giraffe and Torkers.

You could definately ride it safely, and without much of a problem I believe.
Depending on where you are, in the UK has a short persons coker frame

Although I don’t even really think it would be necessary.
Hope this was helpful.


So that is where I am going wrong - I need magnesium pedals to go fast.

My 12 yr old daughter has just started riding a Coker with 125s and she is just about 5’. Don’t just think about it, do it - you won’t regret it.


No, the magnesiums are lighter then the others, lighter means faster. :wink:

So, ditch the pedals altoghther to save a few more grammes and gain another 0.0n of a km/h :smiley:

or get some plastic ones… even lighter :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread reminds me of the body part of a guy I saw in this movie on the internet once.

I am 5’7" and have ridden many miles on and off road on a Coker.

if you want to ride fast and comfortably on a coker you need half toe clips like Joe uses.

Problem is with cokers as you reach speed you come to a point where it takes little power to keep going and the pedals and feet tend to separate or slip.

I’m 5’7" with 29" inseam and am able to ride my 36" radial 360. I’m using 170 cranks (for hills). I did have to trim off about an inch from the bottom of the seat pole with a pipe cutter for it to be comfortable.

That’s funny :smiley: :smiley: But I’m happy with my magnesium pedals (for now). They’re lightweight and very durable on my coker.

5’7" with 32" inseam and 125 cranks. I have a touring handle which takes up a little space but I still have room to drop the seat a few inches.

I had ridden 36" a couple times before I bought it. One time on 150 cranks and the other on 115. I was able to free mount and ride no problem but when I got my own it took me a couple weeks to get comfortable free mounting.

I had ordered a brake from UDC but they were backordered so I was riding for a few weeks without the brake, those weeks made me realise the type of riding I do I don’t need a brake. There’s only one hill I ride and if I take it slow I can manage. I can imagine hills being hard to slow down if you got your speed going.

I like the T7 handle alot, really makes riding better for me.