They were right(Dx frame)

The pic says it all…

I was hopping up a wooden thing backwards…

its was bound to happen if you abuse a DX too much. torkers are actually freestyle uni’s thats why they have such pathetic stock tires.

Just throw a Yuni on there and get back on the trails!:smiley:

I hate Yuni!

LOL, What frame do you plane on getting? Or are you getting it fixed somehow?


Im gonna try to get it rewelded. I hate Yuni cause it sucks hard for freetyle and bangs my knees when hoppin. The dx frame is plenty wide, fits 2.5 so il try to stick with it.

Awww Comon cody, i thought u were smart enough to know that rewlding that frame is a totaly waste of time and money.

also, check your PMs

LOL, one of my fun buttons has worn off. The little smiley faces on my frame, they were fun buttons you press em you had fun, trust me they worked.

Freestyle can put a lot of stress on a uni at wierd angles, or so Simon Wells tells me (2nd at Unicon in expert freestyle).


What do you mean by “They were right”.

Here’s another thread with a picture of a DX frame broken in the same place: Torker/Unistar DX frame breakage

Several diferent people kept sayin that the dx frame sucked, and that it broke right in that spot on several people… I still prefer the frame, its just weak in that spot.

Ah, I see. I seem to have forgotten about those threads, although I do remember that picture of a broken DX frame by onefiftyfour.

Has anyone with welding knowledge and metal knowledge taken a look at a broken DX frame to see why it failed? Is it because of a poor weld? Are they rusting? Does the neck tube not fit on the crown properly? Is it due to flawed engineering or is it more of a manufacturing problem?

It is odd because they do seem like a pretty stout frame.

I think it was a design defect, if you look in the thread by onefiftyfour, someone made a post showing that the crown was uneven cause bad wieght distribution.

i think its because theres only 1 weld to the crown. the tube doesnt go through the crown like a cheap yuni/nimbus.

im trying stand-up Wwalks and the uni slams the floor alot, i think this might happen to me eventually since the force applied through a long seat post leveraging that 1 weld is pretty strong.

That uneven frame where the neck was not in line with the fork is more indicative of a manufacturing problem. They didn’t have the frame properly jigged to keep it in alignment during welding and they didn’t have an inspection process that caught the problem.

A design defect would be something like using the wrong size tubing to fit on the lug or failing to specify the proper manufacturing methods.