These pedals sound good?

the first day with my new uni i broke my pedal.

these are cheap, and they have a good review. any one have any reasons for me not to get them?

reasons why i like them: cheap, good reviews, low profile, and light.

edit: and im guessing i need 1/2 inch pedals? just making sure.

9/16th spindle. These sound like run of the mill pedals/

MG1 titanium weigh 298 grams, but cost $75 IF you can find them on ebay.

well im not sure if i want to spend that much. cause i want to upgrade a few other things as well.
i dont want to go over 40$

DMR have a great rep with pedals and for good reason too. Use these on my trails bike and they’ve great plenty of grip and can take a fair beating. The only minor issue is if you have fat feet or wear really chunky trainers they may not be as wide as you would like them to be, otherwise great buy.

well i definitely want a large platform. are these big?


I almost bought the DMR V8 but then, went with Wellgo B37s, but they were nice, very grippy, nice platform size, light.

I’d go for them.


where can i get wellgo b37’s in the us?<>prd_id=845524442282481&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302693563&bmUID=1213389553468

And I don’t know, but these look grippy and they are sealed, not the lightest, but definatly not the heaviest, and cheap.


thanks isaac. but i need something in the US. i looked it up in the US ebay and it says shipping is 18 dollars :angry:

and if i want to order from that mec place i have to pay for a membership.
i was thinking bout the crank bros 50/50 pedal.

just purchased these

Lutz likes these (strong pins, nice traction, strong body), but for the best value I would get these (strong pedal, grippy pins, light) but it might not match your uni well.

hmm. well its too late now! ive had experience with the “24 butterfly pedals” and i prefer those pins over all the others cause they are so gripy. and i dont do a lot of crank crabs anyway.