The world's oldest crankflipper

Any takers?

Uh…I dunno…me? (Age 51 on 1/15/07.) Well, almost can do it on my trials. Should have it soon, but gotta wait for my hand to heal. :sunglasses:

OK, 51 is impressive :astonished: … if and when you actually land it :stuck_out_tongue: I know of one (I think) 30 year old who’s landed a few.

Yup. He’s 30. But we havent seen one cuz he quickly lost the flippy knack

is that tony?

Ya I need to practise my technique a lot more - I had it very briefly (landed 2 of them) then didn’t ride for a week or two and lost it :angry:

So let’s make a Seniorclass for the Streetcontest on the next unicon.

OK, so where is the break off point? 21?

Denny’s doesn’t offer a senior discount to anyone under 55. I don’t think Senior is the proper term here… or if it is, then the lower age class should be called the Kindergarteners…

Masters would work better for me.
I have finally landed a 180 unispin and I am moving on to crank flips, so stay tuned. if it takes me as long as it did to do a unispin, then it shouldn’t be too long now. 38 right now, 39 in April.