The Video Competition - Video Thread

Well, to say I am disappointed with the turnout for this competition is a bit of an understatement. Especially with the amount of promised videos at the start of the other thread. :angry:
Well, thankfully Steve has made an excellent BC Video. Im glad he decided to make a BC vid, because they seem to have fallen out of popularity recently and they are so much fun to ride.

Anyway, Here is Steves video:

BC Wheel isn’t very hard to ride actually


Im not sure whether I will do anymore video competitions because people seem to have lost interest or we get loads of people saying they are going to make a video but never do.


I think it was the rules that put people off.
Id be keen for a video competition with rules that aren’t as restraining as stated in this competition.
I like the idea of a twist, just not as hard to follow as this one was.

Edit: Nice video Buchi, I told you that youd be the winner :wink:

@ uniduns: thanks
I hoped there would be more videos :frowning:

That was a really sweet video. Good work Buchi! I wish there were more videos too but it seems like people had trouble coming up with an idea that fit the requirements.

I don’t see how this video meets the requirements either. O’well, still good to see a vid.

I think we need a video contest without rules/requirements.

Nice video Buchi!!
And Edd I think the thing that put people off about the video compition was the rules.
Thank you for putting one together anyway.

Yeah, I think we would just get tons of average videos if there was no twist though. I dunno, maybe I will do a comp without a twist just to see how it goes.


If you don’t, someone else is bound to.

Sweet BC wheel vid! It’s not often that you see people ride them with such control; normally they’re wobbling all over the place. Was sweet to see it taken off-road too. Makes me want to learn

sorry man. I guess me an jerrick would have put out a video if we could have . but we are STILL not down with the portalnd video

thanks Emile.m and uni_mattster.
I’m not ride bc wheel so often, perhaps only on time a month.
after winter, i will work on a muni-bc vid :slight_smile: or something like that.
Is Koxx one going to realize bc wheels ?

I think they have havent they ? They were advertised in on of my uni magazines

Cool vid there Buchi, awesome BCing.

Sorry Edd, I was going to make a video, I have been meaning to make one for months but I never have time around school, paper round, dinner then course work. The twist was just awkward too.
I’ll try much harder next time :smiley: (as long as I don’t have more coursework, work or exams) Year 11 is an annoying year.

BC wheel-MUni looks good to me…

nice vid!
after that i am really interested in BC wheeling.

Wow you are more balanced than anyone i have seen on a bc wheel including bryan stevens

surely not :slight_smile:
spencer, bryan stevens (and a french guy, i don’t know his name) are riding much better.

Yeah sure they can do more than you can but you dont really wobble at all when riding even on the muni you were really still