The "Unicycle Songs" Thread

The idea is to share any music you have found or made that is about unicycling (or even mentions it).

Here are two to ‘get the wheel rolling’

Wheels Of Fire - Unicron Unicrew :

Physics of a Unicycle - cLOUDDEAD :

#/would ppl think unicycles ‘arnt just for clows ne more’ if there was ‘hella tight’ remix of that circus song that lamestreamers find clever to whistle?
#/ is the ‘unitune’ genre ‘super alt’ ?
#/ do any relevant indie groups tour exclusively on unicycle?
#/ does Unicron Unicrew have buzzband potential??

The links don’t seem to work.

Worked for me…

Neither song does a thing for me though…Cloudhead a bit trippy wierd :thinking:

I’m On a One-Wheel by Dogbowl.

Isn’t there somewhere i can listen to this without downloading it?
Windows freaked out with security alerts :thinking:

Yeh they were too dull. Juni, is that Grimsby UK?

Do you have Firefox?

Firefox doesn’t download it, but plays it in a new tab.

Nice, Been a few years since I heard that one.
Toped the USA UniTune charts fo-sho.

@dude / U R dissin’ the premier Alt. Indie. Onewheel’d Uniband_
#/ R U confused by underlined blue text that doesn’t hyperlink UR browser??

#/ what ‘hella dope’ unicycle song will ‘do a thing’ 4 u?
#/R u an indie prophet bro with a ‘6th sense’ for ‘relevant’ new mp3’s?

–}maybe some1 will load it up on their youtube so ur windows will chill out bro, not me tho, my windows are riding mega dope chillwavees atm.
#/is the UniTune genre still ‘relevant’ or should uni bros just ‘find a new sound’ already?

I’m surprised no one posted this yet :

Some great unicycle related songs by forum member Chexjc.

Soo legit, Great sound!

Haha, Thats great. I really like the remix, has a nice melody.

Great Topic for a Thread!

Very cool topic for a thread! Funny that I have never seen such a topic before.
Enjoyed the songs.


Yeah here in grim old Grimsby, UK. Guess you heard of it then…They usually call us cod heads due to GY being a fishing town, well it was until all the fish went away :angry:

I think Grimsby is quite well known as a fishing town. Even more so when Young’s (I think) made an advert which said “via Grimsby” in it.

Yep that’s us, i’ve packed many a fish at youngs factories. Now i’m in a nice clean factory…making the boxes for youngs :smiley:

The Two Man Gentleman Band: Unicycle Blues

Also available via the iTunes Store

Quelle Horreur: Unicycle
And on iTunes at iTunes Store

Love the unicycle blues song!!
singing She took a hacksaw to our tandem b*ke and left me with the U…ni-cycle blues…Doo doo doo doo doooo!
Awsome :smiley:

sings Unicycles going Solo
Liked this one too :slight_smile: