The Ultimate Conquest-66cm static

Hey guys, you all probably know me for my constant asking of psi questions and constant worrying. Well, I just wanted to let you all know, your answers helped. I raised my psi to 19-20 and I followed all that you said, and here is the result. Sorry the quality stinks:(

Nice, you should learn how to prehop, you’d probably be hitting a lot higher. I can get around 55ish maybe without a prehop and 70s with.

Quit focusing so much on your static jump and work on your skinny riding or just different trials lines…then incorporate your jump into it…
Being able to static jump a certain hight is stupid if you don’t use it in lines…

nice tuck! You could get a lot higher with a good prehop though.

Nice, if I remember correctly, he’s going the path I went and getting good with his static then later is going to add a prehop. Besides, a good static is better for trials during a lot of lines often times I find I don’t have enough room to get a good prehop. Both are very good though, I only recently started to prehop and I’m pushing 40in.

push off with your feet, as if you were jumping on flat ground. that will help too:)

use your ankles as a spring if you know what i mean. good job

oh yeh lol you dont use your feet at all.I reckon if you jumped up with your feet aswell you would get like 75cm static

i did, didn’t I, check out the slow mo of 66cm and I think you’ll change your mind. I’m gonna upload a better quality one soon though.

the more the better is all i am saying :slight_smile:

Finally, I’ve been able to get 66 cm more often. Since my first one, I’ve hit it like 4 or 5 more times. I am gonna try for that 75 cm. comp by adding the prehop.

Ditto. Great tuck! But a prehop would gain you another 3 to 6 inches. Plus I think you could compress and then extend your upper body for a bit more height. Its like your expending none of you effort on take off, but doing a world class landing.

just so you guys know, I really appreciate your comments,

but my record is 63cm. 66cm. from wood doesn’t count.