The tune people sing to you

When they’re not calling out “Where’s the other wheel?”, I find some people sing a tune, especially teenage boys. Does anyone know the name of the tune they sing. I keep thinking of Send in the Clowns, but that is not one. It’s one often associated with circus.



march of the gladiators i think. its the one that goes do de dodo de de do do dodo

Those people are not singing, they are saying, “please, slap me hard, NOW!”

the name of the tune is (and belive me i know because several of my friends were “the ice cream man”) the, Turkey and the Straw.

its funny my friends that drive ice cream trucks are the only non-unicyclists that i know that hate the Turkey and the Straw, like me.they really have to listen to it all day.

its great when im in the same area of the truck while unicycling,[insert sarcasim][

The tune is “Entry of the Gladiators” (aka EotG) by Julian Fucik. I’m not sure how to pronounce his last name in polite company. In fact, I’m not sure how to play the song in the polite company of fellow unicyclists.

I actually have the sheet music for EotG and back before I started unicycling I wanted to learn to play it on the accordion cause it has a cool bass line that would tangle up my fingers on the bass buttons.

One of these days I’ll learn to play it on the accordion and then I can play it while unicycling, in public, for a public show at a UNICON. Everyone would love it. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll just get a sticker for my helmet that says “Please Slap Me”, that’ll be easier.

For kicks you can do a google search for Entry of the Gladiators MIDI and find some interesting MIDI versions of the tune to keep you entertained for hours.


Re: The tune people sing to you

Send in the Clowns is actually a sad song from a Broadway musical. Not a happy circus type song at all.


Interesting that people sing a different tune in Salem than elsewhere. It is definitely Entry of the Clowns I was thinking of.

By the way, here in Australia, icecream trucks almost invariably play Greensleeves.

where i live we dont have ice cream trucks:( :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: And no one has ever sung turkey & the straw to me:D. Just entry of the gladiators:(

Oops. I mean Gladiators, not Clowns.

you guys are all crazy!or maybe i am ?but its always been known to me and the ice cream boys as:the Turkey and the Straw"

but hey ,rite now im listening to eotg. and its a differant tune than Turkey and the Straw,but so close,so close…

entry of the gladiators it such a cool name…i’m converted,i will wistle this whereever i go from now on…

??? what is this tune???

I think it was the theme from Lassie

A kinda Christmas-y one… “What child is thi-is who lay to rest…”

Greensleeves -
old, old tune - also the name given to runny nosed kids who don’t have hankies;)

Turkey in the Straw -

Sorry to throw another one in there, but I imagine it might be “The Entertainer” - not the Billy Joel song. I’m thinking of the little calliope/music box tune that I would identify with circuses…

Send in the Clowns is by Anthony Newley.

The Entertainer is by Scott Joplin.

Neither of them are traditional circus tunes.

Here’s a link to a MIDI of Entry of the Gladiators:

Ooops! Wrong link! (haha!) Here’s the right one:

Listening to this, do you get the feeling that Julian Fucik didn’t know all that much about gladiators?

this is masacism at its finest.

That’s masochism, dirtboy! Now, bend over! :angry:


Re: The tune people sing to you

jagur wrote:
> entry of the gladiators it such a cool name…i’m converted,i will wistle
> this whereever i go from now on…

Somebody slap that man.

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