The Troxelator

Here it is. You’ve all been waiting for it. Here is my 1st unicycle vid! I don’t normally ride this thing, the Troxelator (forum thread), but a few on the forum wanted to see it in action.

You may laugh at my amateur video-making skills, but I won’t mind. I had fun!

The Troxelator

With the Terry /. :slight_smile:

unusual unicycle. Its not too high. Is that why theyre called penguins?
Looks like it would be free mountable with a little practice.
The only time I’ve heard the term penguin is one that Bruce has, which I put in this video

from 0:24 to 0:53
Bruce says for high speed dismounts, he flies thru the air a little more than a coker, due to the height, and is thinking he should wear a cape for effect.

I believe it’s the gearing(higher than 1:1) as well as the shortness that gives these unicycles their name.

Maybe, but this thing has a pretty sloppy sprocket. Too much play.

lol Definitely.

if you had some shorter cranks on it you could really haul lol.

but even so, looked pretty fast for a 20 inch lol.

New and (slightly) improved vid. Check it out:

The Troxelator 2nd ed.

Very cool. I thought you rode it well and I enjoyed watching both vids. The Troxelator in motion, sweet! Thanks for taking the time to make it. :smiley:

Wow, thanks for making the video! Thats pretty awesome!! Nice to see something a little different and creative. Nice uni shoes. :stuck_out_tongue: