The Triton's competition

hmm… hmm…

I got mine as a birthday present… I guess I didn’t really think about that. I guess cheaper would be better.

By the way, do NOT make a frame with the shape of a nimbusII or a Koxx Devil. Those tear up pantlegs like no other.

I don’t think I would pay for that. Maybe if I had a style-change, but for my style, the KH is basically perfect (I may consider if it is significantly lighter though, like really half the weight.)

Haha yeah, well I don’t have a problem with my devil frame, but then again I don’t do flatland.

Anyways I’m thinking we will offer 2 different 20" frames. A trials oriented one, and a flatland oriented one. Yay or nay?

I don’t do flatland on mine (that’s what freestyle uni’s are for ;)) they should both be strong enough to hold up to extremely agressive riding though. (flatland is actually one of the most aggresive things you can put a frame through.)

Yeah my bad.

I know how terrible freestyle riding is for a frame, so that’s why I’m going to be looking into the frames that seem to hold up the best and use that type of design as an option.

I really need some input from great riders like yourself to make this thing work. I also need some people who know a thing or two about designing something like this.

Help is definatley what’s up in this thread

not freestyle. Flat. Freestyle is fine for a frame. Flatland is deadly. You bend the frame and put weight on it in weird positions with flatland, not freestyle.

Wow sorry bout that, totally did not mean to say freestyle.

Anyways, you knew what I meant so I’ll just leave it at that. I’m tired and obviously can’t think straight so I’m out. Thanks again for the input on this

Why not build a prototype of each frame, and see what people want? I know it will be a lot to do, but to build one, and have it out there for people to see and try, may be the best way to get the word out.

I don’t know if Triton is still making Ti frames. Last I heard it was on hold. But for me, a 29er Ti frame would be awesome. That would be the start to my ultimate cruiser.

As far as design, I liked the Sponge design, as well as the KH. I think either one you really couldn’t go wrong. I tend to like a little curve going into a flat edge at teh top. I will draw up a design and post it here to show you what i mean.

I think your best bet is to just come up with a crown design and figure out how you will do bearing caps, once you have that then its not hard for people to customize from there.

If you keep on asking people’s opinions it will slow down the process a lot.

Personally I love the sponge frame, even for flat or freestyle, people think that the crown is too sloped but most of those people haven’t ridden it. It actually has a bit of a lip so when you put your foot up there it is flat similar to a nimbus/yuni/bedford frame, but since it is rounded it doesn’t hit the knees like those frames do.

yeah the crown on the Triton is awesome. I was thinking about cutting the tops off of the forks on my Koxx frame, but don’t know if they will be strong enough.

I cant really think of any new crown ideas, they all seem to heave been done now. However custom frame building is cool, I wish there was someone in the UK that built them (and I wish I had the money for one!)

I’ll throw this in the works:

Visually, I think the sponge is ugly - it’s too bulshy, for my liking, almost as if it takes over the unicycle (although I do suppose it is the main part of the uni). I like the KH frames more because they are sleek and not too big. A very similar design to the KH frame, in Ti, would be ideal - if I had the money and necessetiy for one :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: .

sorry had to James :smiley:

A cheaper, or Ti KH style frame would be good.

I say yay!


i like the triton frame, you can still put your feet on the crown and it wont hurt your legs as much because of the rounded corner

I realy like the sponge frame. If it could be made and sold alot cheeper I would almost certainly buy one, either in aluminium or ti. The sponge frame is amazingly nice for foot on crown tricks. I would say more so than the KH. Shame triton has stopped manafacturing them, I think they were onto a winnier (apart from the price). Maybe talk to sponge and see if he will allow your friend to build them instead of triton.

yeah. Some ideas. ive got plans, but i’ll revise them.

  1. Square tubing for almost anything you can do on it, Thats just my opinion, since you could slim down how big it is also, resulting in a lighter frame.

  2. Built in seatclamp is a MEGA PLUS! +10000. It would be the sickest thing ever.

  3. The seatpost should definately have the same bolt pattern as the kh/nimbus saddles. That’d be mega cool.

  4. Okay, paint styling, even though it isnt too relevant. I have a few graphic designs that i was going to us on my uni frame, they would look pretty good. Although, i know some people would love the straight Ti look. Not any paint or anything on it, that’d look pretty BA. If your in for the graphic ideas, i could draw some up for whatever frame design(s) you decide on. I’d probably like to only put it on the trials though. (having my name on the frame as like a signature model would be pretty bad ass also.)

  5. Some how configure maybe triangular pieces of metal connecting to the tubing thingy (on the frame), so it wont snap off in any case for the street/flat one. Also offering almost a totaly flat crown on it.

  6. The trials oriented frame should be rounded on the crown more so, like the KH, but i still think working square tubing into the frame in a week point would increase strength a lot.

okay, maybe not square tubing forks, because it’d end up looking stupid, but you have to make it look really really sleek and futuristic.

the seatpost clamp should be the quick clamp lever thingy. I’m leaning more towards liking the quick clamp ones, considering there are countless people who love to try and unicycle, but my saddle too low for them. (i’m not that short, i just ride with my seat at my knees).

Props to you and your friend dude, for atleast spawning new ideas.

well… for strength you could put simple cross gussets in the crown, or run tubing slightly smaller inside of the tubing that is already going to be there.

Quick release is BAD! It hurts like hell when you hit your legs on it, or any part of you really lol.

a built in clamp would be good