The Tale of Uni-el, Angel and Patron Saint of Unicycling

This story was recorded by Chris Grooms from an ancient monk who kept
records at a monastic library in north wales, uk.

    The Angel Uni-el was once a man. He was a saint who carried food to
    starving children, whilst riding one footed seat in front on a coker and
    juggling. He died when running from the enemies of the Church of the
    Radiating Spokes of Holiness. He was fleeing their greedy hands by
    riding backwards down a rocky, icy, muddy slope ona twelve foot giraffe
    while doing mills mess with rotten tomatoes. The end came when he
    bounced over the slain body of a mountain biker and his cheaply made
    taiwanese seat gave way and he was impaled on his uni seat post. Hence
    the confusion of symbols.

             I -----I----- I I O This symbol, or ideograph, originally
             depicted a man riding his unicycle from in front or behind, his
             arms held out for support. Over the centuries the symbol
             changed and its meaning became blurred.

-Danny Fletcher