The Symbol // Dolomites Unicycle Downhill Trip

Finally i got time to edit and upload my new muni edit, in which wie rode the 2500m high mountain “Schlern” in Italy down with our unicycles…It was a pretty nice day with a lot of sun, nice trails and i think also nice filming…

Everything went good, no bigger injuries, so I’m looking forward to start another journey to ride another mountain this year…(But i still don’t know which one…:D)

Would be nice if someone can gives me some feedback how he liked the riding, filming, editing, ect…

Greetings Fabian

Edit: 1080p should be possibile, but i think youtube is lagging … :sunglasses:

Fantastic views in your video and great to see Seiser Alm again.
And the camera work was so soft it was feeling not natural in some moments, but still a pleasure to see.

Wow. Great skills and an amazing video. Well done all around. Makes me want to ride there.

The mountain is placed near Brixen where Unicon 16 happened(I also think a workshop made a journey to this mountain)…:wink: