The Switch Trick Video

Hey everyone, here it is:

*A switch trick (for those of you who are not familiar with the term) is a trick done with your non-dominant hopping foot forward. So if you hop/do tricks right foot forward, then if you do the trick left foot forward it is considered to be “switch”. Switch Fakie is tricking from a switch stance while riding backwards.

The only switch tricks that have been done before this video are switch crankflip and switch backflip (to my knowledge). So every other switch trick is new. Enjoy.

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nice video the switch tricks is what made the video so different and interesting to watch, one of the better video!

well done :slight_smile:

are you ambedextrous or however you spell it.
thats crazy good
the switch tre is sick as.
but its funny because you hop out of the normal tre but the switch is clean.
awesome vid jeff.
loved it.

You, my friend, are as ass. I can’t believe how much suspense you put me through on that sick shit switch trey. Every friggen time “is he gonna hit it, awww, is he gonna hit it, awww.” Ha. I really enjoyed that. I will not be doing switch tricks, probably for years, until they get super popular. Seems like a lot of work just to relearn tricks you can already do. ha. But I give you mad props for all those tricks. Mad props, that’s so crazy. Don’t play UNI with me, ok? haha.

-Shaun Johanneson

Hey, Great Job! That was sick. :astonished: We need to get together and ride someday.
What suburb are you in?

Haha, your normal back crank was waaayyy sketchier then your switch back!

Really awesome! I can just see switch tricks begining to take off.

Just one nit-picky thing- the switch change wasn’t really full, but I’ll still give you credit cause that looks like one hell of a hard trick to pull off;)

Thanks for the comments everyone. The switch treflip is probably the hardest trick I have ever done. It took a while to get, so I wanted to add some of the falls to show that, and I guess to add a little suspense too. Glad you liked it (@ Shaun).

Forrest, yeah the normal back crank was sketchy because I filmed the switch back crank first (because it would take longer to get), so after I landed it, I was so used to doing switch backs that my feet were still trying to land like a switch back even though I was doing a normal one. Was too lazy to film another one. I think I may have ran out of tape too.

switch tricks are like blind sides.
no one can tell the difference and it makes it look like you suck but can still land tricks

as i asked before
are you ambedextrous or however you spell it?

Wow that was sooo crazy jeff. that switch trey looked really hard. nice job on it


I wonder this to. Very few people are true ambidextrous, they may call themselves that but the majority are far from it.

I agree but the dude still kicks my ass! (and from your post I’ll make an asumption that he can kick your ass to)

Actually I can tell all those were switch if they weren’t named. You just have to know the rider’s stance. With street, all you should be doing is looking at the wheel, no need to really look any where else. So it should be easy to tell their normal from their switch. Usually the first trick done in a skate video is done the persons normal stance, so the rest of the video, the viewers can tell the difference. When switch gets popular and flips get popular (no naming on the videos) this will hopefully be the case.

-Shaun Johanneson

Uhh not that I know of. I have skateboarded for 5 years on and off, so I definitly think that could have something to do with it. Mainly though, its just practice. Switch tricks aren’t easy, but they aren’t impossible either. You should learn some.:slight_smile:

Ha I guess the next thing I should work on is switch tricks down sets/over gaps.

That first fall made my spine hurt. Excellent video.

anyone else see it?

I saw it.

Those tricks are really difficult and impressive, but I’m steering away from blind and switch tricks (even backflips), they’re are better things to work on in my opinion.

I dont know if switch tricks are going to become popular or not, but if they do you get recognition as a pioneer of street.