What is your opinion on switch tricks?

So what are everyone’s thoughts on switch tricks?

*A switch trick (for those of you who are not familiar with the term) is a trick done with your non-dominant hopping foot forward. So if you hop/do tricks right foot forward, then if you do the trick left foot forward it is considered to be “switch”. Switch Fakie is tricking from a switch stance while riding backwards.

I made this switch flip video with alot of switch variations a few weeks ago and it didn’t seem get too many replies. I think this is because not alot of people understand switch tricks or seen them before (before this video, only a switch crankflip and a switch backflip had been done). I also made this thread about a year ago regarding switch tricks.

I think they are cool. For someone who doesn’t know anything about unicycling or what switch is, it looks like a regular trick and only as cool as the regular version of that trick. I can jump decently switch but I can’t crankflip yet so I have learn that first:o

yea you cannot really respect a trick, unless you know how hard they are, i thought your vid was awesome!
because ive tried switch lol, it isnt easy.

Yeah, I basically agree with whats been said. Its really awesome that you can pull those off but they don’t appear any more difficult or interesting when watching in a video. If I had the choice between seeing(or doing) a triple flip or a switch double, I’d choose the triple.

I think they are really cool.

they are really useful too if your playing skate.

Well, I think they are useless to a certain extent. I definitly don’t mean anything against your switch video, it was cool, but… I think it’s realativley pointless to learn a trick a second time the hard way just so that your feet are facing a different way.

A trick is still a trick, why should it matter which foot postition you do it in?

That’s my opinion. :slight_smile:

I think switch tricks are awesome. I’m awful at them myself, but learning to do things your non-dominant way is like twice as challenging. I think there are enough people out there that with a label in a video, like we’ve been doing with flip tricks, we will eventually not need them for switch, because people will just notice it (like in skateboarding). That’s what I think, keep riding switch dude.


One more step down the road to videos being interesting only to the person making them.

Seems stupid to me, if you wanted to do something thats more challenging why not try something new or different. Not the exact same trick just the other direction.

I respect how hard they are. I just think you could do an equally hard trick thats alot more visually appealing. Same with blind.


hmm i think they are hard, but i think they dont incress in the visual of a trick

it is really hard to know if a trick is a switch or not

Coming from a skateboarding background, trust me, it matters. Sure, it may not matter to you if you (or unicycling in general) aren’t at that level yet, but it will, eventually. It’s huge in skateboarding.

To stress the point, ask yourself this: If you can do a 180 unispin, then what’s the point of 360, 540, and 720 unispins? They’re all unispins, right? The same goes for crankflips.

switch tricks are freaking awesome! i do them all the time off drops when i do muni. you can’t really know which hopping position you’re going to be in when you come up to a drop or jump so i think that they’re very handy.

I think switch flips will allow for more flow. It would be easier to do long lines using switch and regular tricks because you don’t have to worry about crank position much

People who can do tricks switch have a better chance at winning any street competition.

Regular crankflip… not bad
Switch crankflip… so much more technical, and would get more points.

Lots of you are saying you cant tell the difference in the video, but I know I can. And a lot of people use a little tag say what the trick is. Without those, im sure half or more of you guys wouldnt be able to tell what trick is what.

I support the switch.

I don’t think the issue is being able to tell it’s switch, It’s that they dont look any better than normal tricks.

You might as well start doing tricks with your opposite hand, it will be harder, you might get more points in a comp, but it’s just pointless.

Just my opinion. I’ll be wrecked if everyone starts going switch and I get left behind… :roll_eyes:

[QUOTE=Luke Collalto]
I don’t think the issue is being able to tell it’s switch, It’s that they dont look any better than normal tricks.

Most normal tricks aren’t to great visually anyways. I dont see a problem for that.

The only way I think any flip trick looks good is when they are insanely smooth. You land jsut like you are riding regular down a sidewalk. Or in slow motion where you can clearly see the movement of the spin and flips.

Agreed. They are hard, and pointless. Unless there is a way to progress from switch to some other trick which is impossible if you can’t do switch then there is no point. Anyways, end.

Thats a good point

I think that switch tricks could be very usefull in both street and trials. Like stuckinwheeliemode said, no one would have to worry about having the pedals aligned when doing liines or combos. Switch, blind and offside tricks also help develop even muscle development and coordination on both sides. (My right arm is much bigger than the other because of a lot of sif sidehops.) They will probably be a big part of street and trials in the future.

Switch tricks are anything but pointless.