The Sliver Trials Course (Pics)

7 months later… how has it held up?

bump. this is one insane set up

I went last weekend to ride/film/build, but it snowed 10 inches.

I now have acquired:
-much more wood (2x4s, etc)
-a pile of big logs stack and arranged irregularly. I still have to brace it.
-sandwich boards and a highjump bar I bought for $20.
-large metal “skeleton” boxes. Very neat!

Updated pictures with a little video hopefully soon.

Cant wait

hurry up! update the pictures!

Question is can you ride trials?

watch the vids in his signature! he’s good!
you’re just jelous

that corse is amazing! hurry up and update the pics!!!



How am I lucky? This course took lots of time and quite a bit of cash to make. 10" spikes aren’t cheap.

I’ve got the potential to have/build an even better trials setup with my stuff, in a large indoor area, on flat cement.

It’s all in disarray though, since I haven’t been riding too extensively for awhile there’s not much really built there, just random stuff.
But I’ve got a lot of material for it. I Also have some custom made metal obstacles, like a 3 and a 5 foot high metal table and a metal 5 stair…

A lot of the wooden material is pretty much unused. I don’t really have the imagination to use it all, I don’t want to ruin it by nailing random junk together and having it not work well (which I’ve done before).

But the stuff I have built is almost all portable and moveable so I can rearrange it when I get sick of one section, etc. It’s pretty nice…

Esp. check out Corbins course. He has LOTS of pitures and computer diagrams of his obstacles.

Whoa! Thats finominal in every sense of the word.

That course is insanely awsome.

ghetto fabulous!


how much did that cost

It’s Beautiful!


dude, your trials coarses make mine look like nothing! great work

AM :astonished: AZING