Trials Courses Unlimited

I thought it would be good to have a thread just of people’s trials courses built in their driveways or yards. I thought it would give lots of good ideas to those who want to build their own.

Everybody post pics of your course!

Here are some that were on here.



Driveway trials vid

There was one someone posted here a month or two ago w/ moveable sections in his driveway. He posted several pics and a couple of short vids of him riding it. But I couldn’t find it.

I only have like 8 pallets on my back yard :stuck_out_tongue:

And you mean this?

Thanks. That’s the guy, but I was thinking of this vid.

Do you know which thread he posted the pictures and vid?

Great idea Skilewis74. Corbin’s course has given me some new ideas, thanks a bunch.

I will update the Sliver Trials course on my thread; people can go there:) .

Oh is that guy on the forums? :astonished:
I really wanted to get some more pictures of those stairs and stuff so i could make some :smiley:

Trials Course Love 99 owned by Jessy Riegel.

I love that vid!

Cool – Another thing to note. It is quite easy to SketchUp ideas in “SketchUp” (free! – I posted a few of the files I created, and I hope to make more:


That’s one of the better vids out there, IMO.

A lot of the stuff in phthoruth’s vids would be good. More noth shore though.


Please post picks of your set-ups!

It doesn’t need to be as extravagant as those above.

I’ll post pics tomorrow of a simple trials set up in my driveway.

mine is extremely extravagant, but small so i don’t ride it much, I’m actually going to take it apart and use the wood …don’t worry… i have places to do trials, and i don’t like pallets. my friend and I made a crazy setup in his front yard, but i don’t think there are any pictures of that and its gone now.

I have 20 something (ish) Pallets, a fun box, multiple metal rails, a ramp, a lot of 2x6’s and an endless supply of small logs and things like that at my disposal that I move around all the time. I have to drive to collect the logs but it would be so cool the saw them in half like Danni did.
I could post some pics.

Here ya go, Really simple, a couple logs, skinnies and a sandwich board that I just built (I’m going to make more). I wish I had a empty lot somewhere where I could build a cool trials course.

Sry for screen stretch

Hmm… I wish I had more room, I have two Giant cable spools, and some 2x4’s, my old bed frame, and a crappy ramp made with junk wood, an old grind rail from when I attempted to learn to skate, oh and a little seesaw thingy but I have no room to ride with all that stuff back there and some of it is too heavy to move on my own (the bed frame and the largest of the two cable spools) I’ll try to get pictures of it all soon.

Some more:

finally got the pictures…

I have 30-40 pallets and a cable reel and stuff which I often set up on my lawn as a pretty awsome trials corse. I dont have any pics but there are a few shots of me riding it in my video.