The Science of Long Jump

Well hello I am new to the international forum but I have been riding a unicycle for over 7 years

I don’t really need advice on learning to ride, but rather to know how good people do it to jump so far. Because for high school I chose to do an oral the problem of which is: “what are the performance factors in long jump on a unicycle to beat the world record?”

However, I am missing some crucial information for carrying out the calculations as well as for the final interpretation.

Firstly, the most important data would be the speed at which the best competitors who pass the 4 meters are thrown.

I also wonder about the jump angle: which technique is most frequently used between increasing the speed or the jump angle (which is the hardest to achieve?)

Thank you in advance for your feedback

I don’t think anyone gathers data on the speed at which they take off for long jump.

That being said, I think you could elaborate on many other things, such as the specific unicycle components to get a very good long jump, and why they are used versus other components. Wheel size, tire, crank length, pedals etc.

Good luck