The rim is kaput

I was browsing the German forum on and found the following thread with a picture of a destroyed Monty wheel.

Looks like he did it with a 1.5m drop. Check out the Webshots link in the German thread to see even more pictures.

The Babel Fish at comes in handy.

i can see that happening on a 1.5ft. drop,if they landed real heavy on the corner of that cinder block underneath that KH20.

The wheel is outfitted with the Profile. Sure says heaps about the Profile stuff!


Can’t that rim be trued?

It could probably be trued so that there is no side to side wobble at all. There would still be a big up and down wobble when riding though. :slight_smile:


bedford’s got the same pic!

I remberber seeing that a good while ago. maybe it happened again?

Is it weird that the tire is pinched as well? Seems like it was crushed in a vise or something.

Ah yes, now I remember. Here are two threads about the destroyed Monty rim
Somewhere there was also the picture posted but it wasn’t in those two threads.

Because the picture was posted in the German forum I thought it was a German who did that to the rim. I forgot about NY juggling show and “D” shaped Monty rim.

About the rim destruction. It looks like the seem in the seam in the rim was right at the position where the drop was landed. When the pedals are horizontal for landing the drop, the seam would be taking the force. The seam isn’t the srongest part of the rim. Perhaps it would be better to position the cranks on the axle so that you don’t land drops right on the seam of the rim. This means you’ll have to position the valve close to one of the cranks where it is less convenient to access when pumping up the tire, but it also means that the seam in the rim will not be right where you land drops. The seam in the rim is located opposite of the valve hole.


holy crap!!who would do that to their UNI??

iunicycle, I see that too and it makes me wonder. But no matter waht, WOW I hope the rider was okay after that. :slight_smile:

It may not be obvious, but of course the Profile axle/hub had nothing to do with that wheel failure. Chances are good that the tire was underpressurized, so that the rim took the brunt of the blow, and that the spokes were undertensioned, so that the rim was the only thing supporting the wheel. Rims are not built or designed to take loads like that. Perhaps the rider landed in a stiff manner as well.

The text says 1.5m, so a 5 foot drop.

I remember this from a while back and somewhere the rider commented that his spokes were loose before the drop. A wheel with loose spokes is no wheel at all!

shame on you oldbies for not saving that classic picture.

i cant remember the guys name but he posted under “What am I”

Go to and go to roster of unicyclists. Look under Venezuela. There is only one guy, you cant miss him. Could this be the guy?
It’s a small world

My brain clicked when noticed his AIM handle is “whatami”

and also his name is Charles
But he speaks spanish, ive spoken to him on AIM a while back.

I agree with U-turn on how the wheel broke, but also, note that he had his hopping position right at the rim joint. This being the weakest point on a pinned rim, that is also a major cause of this happening. A well inflated, with rim join off to the back, and properly tensioned trials uni like this one shouldn’t not have had that happen to it. That’s pretty crazy!


The second thread that John listed has this quote from the rider:

Of course, just tightening up a couple of spokes doesn’t make for a properly tensioned wheel. Those spokes were just an indicator that the entire wheel needed re-tensioning and truing. In fact, the spokes themselves might have been compromised by fretting while the tension was low. Based on that, I think that we (like Roger Davies in that thread) can come to the conclusion that the wheel was completely unfit for riding when the 5 foot drop took place. Whether or not the failure took place at the rim joint is immmaterial. In a properly tensioned wheel with those quality components, the rim couldn’t have flexed far enough for the rim to buckle like that (at least for a 5 foot drop), at any place on the rim. In my opinion, there is no evidence to come to the conclusion that the rim joint should be positioned in any particular way.

In fact, check jimmytrialsrider in that same thread who basically says the same thing (except for the part about the joint).

The fact that the rider had the uni for only a little while (6 weeks) makes me question the original build, unless he did a LOT of riding in that time.