The Return of Triton Frame

I follow the Triton bike page on Facebook and noticed a recent post made about the New Titon Uni frames. Quote “Triton’s first unicycle frame in years. Working out the standard models design now.”

I still want a Triton 20"

Beautiful. Can’t wait! :slight_smile: have they mentioned when they will be available?

Can you give the link of their page ?

Just realised that the frame has a left hand brake mount for a nimbus hub. In that case they could have made quite a few different models…


Wow. That frame is a thing of beauty! :sunglasses:

I’m guessing that the bearing spacing is 100mm, and that the frame will accommodate up to a 29" wheelset. Or possibly a 32" wheelset?

I didn’t think I needed another uni, but maybe I was wrong. :smiley:

they can make any size, even a specific custom just for you if you want

My speculation is they were making a whole batch of them. I don’t doubt that they will make whatever you want if you ask though.

mmmm, yup.

Russian Ti is still sexy.

Damn sexy.

I concur. I’m still hoping to win lotto so Dmitry can make me a Ti mini penny.

This is my new frame :slight_smile: