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so, i’ve been riding the Tioga Factory Dh 2.30 (26") for quite a while now, and i would have to say that it’s my favorite tire to date. the actual measurements of the casing when mounted on the nimbus muni (kh2005?) rim are 2.375 wide by 2.25 tall. the tire has fairly stiff sidewalls and has serious bite (i think it’s probably @ about 25 psi for optimal mud traction for my 195lbs). it seems equally at home for urban trials and the slick, wet and rocky trails i have at my disposal.
this tire bites much better through the leaves and on wet roots than some of the softer “performance” compounds i have used. the profile is fairly round, but it has a nice edge for controlled slides and cornering in mud or other loose surfaces. this is one of those tires that really punches through wet leaves to grip whatever is underneath. the ride is pretty decent for it’s size, it feels pretty plush. if i’m doing a lot of hopping on hard, off-camber surfaces, or large drops, i’d probably want a little more pressure.
although i’ve been looking at the minion, this tire has impressed me enough i think i’ll go for either tioga dh comp in a 2.5, or the tioga white tiger if i can find them in the us.

(the white tiger has a very similar tread pattern, but has additional knobs for less rolling resistance, slow rebound rubber, and apparently from what the reviews say the sidewalls are quite stout. seems like it could be an excellent ride)

They sound good. My friend uses them for DH biking.

I just looked at the mesurements nurse ben gave for the minion, and it appears the tioga factory downhill 2.3 is actually slightly bigger (and my measurement was just the casing, not casing and knobbies). I guess the tioga measurements are a little less ‘optimistic’. I have a hunch that this means the tioga factory dh 2.5 (and maybe any tioga 2.5) will truly be a 2.5.

Also, are most 3" tires only really 2.5??

Has anyone here ridden the Bontrager ‘Big Earl’? It seems like I could be an easily available choice for those who want a high volume tire. It comes in two tread compounds, and seems to be available in sizes from little over 2" up to 2.8". I have no idea how accurate those mesurements are though.

WTB wierwolf 29 2.55

any good?

better than the stout?

Thin sidewalls

The Weirwolf has very thin side walls. Essetially, if you’re looking to muni, sidewalls and a wire bead will make the tire stiff enough that it stands up off the rim without sagging. The Navegal is a good choice for 29er.

And yes, 3" tires are not really three inches wide, and tire mfds are not good at numbering tires by true size, either over or under measuring.

Generally a tire will be close to the same width as it is tall.

a lot depends on the rim. my gazza 26" x 3" on the 65mm large marge rim has 82mm -more than 3":wink:

i am fully aware of that, however most unicyclists are already riding rims wider than most dh bike rims. i’m curious to know how these tyres are spec’d. if i go through my collection of various 2.3 or 2.35 tyres, they probably vary by an inch with most of the tires being a bit smaller than the size stated on the sidewall.

if people post a tyre, it would be great if they would post the height and width of the tire they are running, and what rim it is on so there is a solid reference point. i’d be curious to know the actual dimensions of any 3" tyres ppl are riding on a standard rim.

i need a 26 tire, and here there’s available only

  • Hutchinson Jumbo 26x2.45
    -Maxxis Minion DH 26x2.7

give me your opinion, advices,etc

Hello Friend.
There are debating on getting for muni either a maxxis highroller or kenda kenetics so, I have the duro wildlife and for me its a little too wide and heavy to handle well.

I just came back from my first Muni ride with my 24X3.00 Kujo DH tire! It’s awsome! I like it much better than my 2.6 Gazz I had before. I’m running at a lower pression than I was running with my Gazz. It absorbs drops really well, but I think that’s just because it’s a 3.00. It’s a really great tire! Plus it has red sidewalls:)

Well… never heard of the hutchinson, not a brand we have around here, but if you read a bit of this thread, nurse ben gave a nice review of the minion

Hutchinson is one of the old french tire companies like Wolber, and Michelin. They have a great reputation for good rubber, and while they aren’t the most common brand in the U.S. it is definitely available.

I don’t know about that tire, but if it’s made in france it’s probably decent. If not, it’s probably made by Cheng Shin Tire (CST) which has a house brand named MAXXiS, and so probably also decent. It seems like every tire company out there makes some terrible tires, and so it’s not worth buying for brand alone.

The following quote is from an old thread: "

I like the 26" wheel size a lot. I am fairly tall (6ft 2) and finds it works better for me. However I like playing on a trail and a 26x3 is indeed a cumbersome beast. When I first tried a 26x3" tyre I found it rode like a tank, it really was an effort to turn. I am now back to riding a skinnier 26x2.45 (Hutchinson Jumbo) and this brings the behaviour of a 26" more in line with an XC unicycle with the bonus that I can still confidently bomb off big drops and use it to attack aggresive trail riding."

I didn’t read the whole thread, but from that post it sounds like the tire was good as of 2006.

Hi all, was wondering if anyone has tried Continental’s Rubber Queen 2.4? Sounds like it could be a great ‘all mountain’ tyre from the reviews.

I’m currently riding a Maxxis Swampthing 2.3 Supertacky which grips nicely in the sloop I currently have for trails but has slightly less volume than the Stout and rolls much slower too! From the reviews I have read the Rubber Queen solves both these issues whilst remaining very grippy.

And an amusing name to boot - how can you go wrong?!


Indeed! :smiley:

Dyno 24x3

It looked like Kris was riding a Dyno Fireball in Unizaba!

Dyno 24X3

At FLUCK Ivan had a Dyno Fireball 24X3 on his Qu-Ax 24. He did pretty good with it.


Does anyone know if a IRC Kujo DH tire will crack in under-0 temperature? I dont want to switch to my Gazz again for the winter, the gazz is so hard to put on:(

the swampthing is one of my favorite mud tires, but the sidewalls aren’t quite as stiff as i would like, and it sucks bad on hardpack and pavement. lately i’ve been riding a tioga dh comp 2.3, and it’s slightly wider, it has the mud capabilities of the swampthing, but better control and there are enough nobs to handle pavement. it is one of my all time favorite tires. i’d recommend trying that or the tioga white tiger which has even beefier sidewalls, but may be more clingy with mud.

btw, if it were just about the name, i’d def. get the rubber queen, lol. just cracks me up…:smiley:

I’m LOVING my kujo 3.0 on my 24" conundrum. I’m running higher pressure because I’m stickng to the road and hard packed trails right now. Love it!