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Hi, yeh I use it, running tubeless. It’s not as good as the WTB Stout for soaking up bumps but I love the low weight, its so noticeable. I think the 580g figure might be or the 2.1 version or something as I think the claimed weight is maybe 640g for the 2.4 but thats not too much difference.

I am using it this weekend for a 24hr xc event in the UK so can let you know how it holds up. I’ve used it once in mud and it was pretty tricky so you might want to switch to a narrower one if it gets wet.

I run mine at about 20psi which is maybe quite low but I find gives a nice cushon over bumps. Any lower than that and I find it feels a bit of a ‘trampoline’, this is the best word I can find to describe it.

Hope your race goes well,


also good luck to your race, and thanks for the reply!

I was just looking for the Wildlife Leopard on the Duro website. I couldn’t find any information on it. Does that mean they are not producing them anymore?
The only 3" wide tire they seem to offer now is the Razorback, available in 24" and 26" size. Has anyone tried that one yet?

I dont know about that RazorBack but it looks exactly like the Duro Wildlife Leopard, I know the Halo Contra that is exactly like the Duro also.

Duro seriously has to stop re-branding everyhting, I think it’s stupid.

Right, it might be the exact same tire. Maybe the writing will look better on this one :roll_eyes: .

I’ve been riding a Duro 26 x 3 for the past few months, decided I needed something with a little more sidewall strength so I could run lower poressures. My favorite tire is the Intense DH, but it only comes as a 24".

So, I found a Gazz 26 x 3 and a Gazz Jr 26 x 2.6

Starting with the Gazz 3", this is one big friggin tire! Heavy in a way that I have never experienced, creates a “gyroscopic effect” which seems to throw my balance and timing off. I rode it hard the other day and had a bunch of hard falls which I attribute to the tire. Though it is big and can be run at a low pressure, it is also slippery and has a mind of it’s own. Really hates angled surfaces, so I often felt like my uni was runing sideways on the flats. And talk about heavy!

So, it came off this morning and I mounted up the Gazz Jr. This is my second time running this tire. It is a true 2.6, so narrower and shorter than the Duro 3", but with the sidewall strength of the Intense. So far I like, really enjoy running lower pressure again, though I do miss the extra cush and support the Duro provides. Compared to the TryAll Stiky, the Gazz Jr can be run at lower pressure, has more of an “edge” on the outside knobbies, so it cuts a mean line through a turn.

Such a shame they don’t make them anymore…

What about the Intense 26x2.7?

It’s possible that tire wold work, but right now I am totally fed up with tire swapping!

Last night I went riding in the rain and mud, two miles out my new tire (Gazz Jr) rolls off the rim. So I’m thinking, that’s wierd, maybe I was running too low a pressure… So I deflate the tube, the tire goes on easilly (?), I pump it up to 20# and twenty feet later it’s back off. I’m thinking the Gazz Jr had dry rotted, causing the bead to break.

So now I have the Duro back on. I am so tired of struggling DH tires onto my rims, breaking levers, cussing, etc… I’ll just ride the Duro for a while :angry:

I did like the Gazz Jr., but it’s far from as cushy as a 3", so maybe 2.7 or 2.8 would be okay. Until it came off, it was doing pretty well, a little more control than the 3" Gazz or Duro, less cush, but more precise, less problems with camber, decent traction and wet weather stickiness (rocks and roots).

Beware buying older tires!

My Gazz Jr. never came off of my rim, I dont know how that can happen. I love my Gazz Jr. it’s really grippy and it looks cool:p

I agree, and I can’t remember the last this happened even ona bicycle, which is why I think the bead broke. I bought it off Ebay as new, so I’m not sure the seller would do a refund…

BUT, since these tires are now a few years out of production, it’s worth noting that they may be getting too old and could have age related defects.

24" Duro or Intense 24" (and where to buy)

I ride about 75% dirt trails, 25% pavement. Been riding for approx 9 months, and still consider myself a beginner muni rider.

  1. Which is best 24"x3.0 tire to get (24" Duro, Intense 24" or something else)?

  2. Where do you buy your 24" Duro Wildlife tires or your Intense 24" tires? (didnt look like they were available at UDC)


I can’t answer “which is best” because I’ve only ever used Duro Leopards. Some people really like the Intense - Terry MuniAddict is a big fan.

UDC usually sell Duros, or sometimes Halo Contra which is the same thing rebranded.

AFAIK the Intense tyres are out of production but Jamey (UniProShop) had some stock of them - not sure if he has any left now.


surly endomorph 26" x 4"

is an other big muni tire.

its excellent in soft ground, sand, snow
really good for soft landing drops
its light wheight around 1200gr

but not recomanded for wet grass, roots etc…
on rough terrain you can go with very low pressure,
but on road it should be more than 25psi otherwise it rides like a steamroller

it has the same diametre than a 29" tire

my favourite is the 26" x 3" gazza on the 65mm large marge rim


Another option is the Felt Berm Master. If you’re looking for a hardcore MUni tire you’re better off with the Duro or Intense but if you don’t mind giving up some grip in the dirt to get better performance on paved surfaces then the Berm Master could be a good choice. There’s more on it in this thread: 24x3 Felt Berm Master Tire

Both my son and I prefer the Intense DH 24" because it can be run at very low pressures and not bottom out. It’s just about as sticky as the Duro, but has a harder “edge” of knobbies, so carves better when cutting sharp turns. I don’t find that it slips amy more or less than he Duro when riding in wet conditions. It does seem to wear longer.

There’s nothing wrong with the duro, but as a heavier rider I find it’s not enough tire for me, can’t seem to find a happy place in terms of tire pressure and ride feel. I use a Duro on my 26" only because I trashed my new Gazz Jr. I have some other DH tires in the works, one is a Intense DH 2.6 which might be enough girth for my needs.

some weights

26" x 4" surly endomorph 1260g
26" x 2,5 Try All Stiky 1280g
26" x 3" Duro Wildlife 1550g
26" x 3" Nokian Gazzaloddi 1650g

new tires self scaled

The Surly Endomorph is a surprising weight for such a big tire!

yes! its very thin build and I suppose its an other kind of Material than ordinary tires, a bit like silikone…or what else
nevertheless there are no problems like you know from other thinwall tires.
in dry conditions I like it very much its excellent bouncing and lightweight

  • and looks really giant, you always get attention :roll_eyes:

I was also surprised about the weight of the duro (1650g in the catalog)
and gazza (1550g in the catalog )

I picked up a Maxxis Minion 26 x 2.7, still haev to mount it up, but it’s about the same weight as a Duro 3" and the sidewalls feel like a Gazz, so it might be a nice ride. I’ll report back after this weekend.