The Next Long Island Muni Ride And A Whole Lot More! Saturday 4/1/06

After recovering quickly from a broken knee cap (due to SixSixOnes looking better than they work) :astonished: we are ready to Muni on Long Island again.

When: Saturday, April 1st, 2006

Where: 36 Long Ridge Road
Plainview, N.Y. 11803

Time: 9:30a.m. - 10:00 Bagels, Coffee, Etc
10:00a.m. - ? Muni (Take a 5 minute car ride to the trail head)

For part two of our ride, After the Muni section.
We hit the unlimited trials lines at “Rock and Boulder city” anyone interested, we will stop to pick up a quick bite and head over for a scenic 25 minute ride to the south shore of Long Island for a rock and cement trials course like no other. (it‘s worth the ride.).

While filming with Brian Mackenzie for his last movie in December it was confirmed that our latest Muni locations I have put together we’re just what everyone was looking for.

From the Muni sections with log skinnies to log piles to root sections w/ switchbacks to “Rock and Cement City” for what Brian Maw and Jeff Prosa called “the best trials lines they’ve seen yet“.

Whether you’re a beginner or and advanced rider 7yrs old or 60yrs old come on out for an awesome day of riding with a great bunch of unicyclists from different parts of the east and sometimes other parts of the country.

Just One Wheel

Stilwell 036r.jpg

Stilwell 041 (2).jpg

Stilwell 055(2).jpg

Stilwell 059(2).jpg

stillwell 061 (2).jpg

Stilwell 105 (2).jpg

Stilwell 109 (2).jpg

Stilwell 044(2).jpg

Stilwell 045(2).jpg

Hey it me in the 2nd pic:D
I hope to come I just have to finalize dates with my parents, but I’ll post back as soon as I can.

When and how did you break your kneecap, dude?

661’s Let me down!

Hey Steve,

Mid January I was trying for some distance on my new custom 36” UW and I came down to one knee and my useless 661’s conveniently slipped down enough for me to crack my knee cap.

You know me I do at least 1500+ miles a year on and off road.

It’s not often I UPD and when I finally did and needed the 661’s to do their job they were

There good for preventing shin burgers only. You might as well just wear shin guards if your wearing 661 4x4‘s.

It’s only a matter of time.

A lesson to any serious rider, unless your 661’s extend well over your knee cap and conform and fit snug to your leg GET DIFFERENT PADS or you will wind up just like me.


The current 661’s aren’t made to fit the leg properly.

Hey Steve, What type of knee/shins are you using?

I noticed in pictures from our last ride that your knee pads look like there made to fit very well.

We hope to see you at the next ride.

Adam Cohen
Just One Wheel Inc

My 36"UW

Thats if I can convince my wife to ever let me ride it again! :astonished:

Wish I could make it down, last time was a hoot!

Looks like I will be able to make it back for the first weekend in May…

(I will give Adam some UW36 lessons at that time)

My 36" UW

Thats if I can ever convince my wife to let me ride it again! :astonished:

UW36 014(2).jpg

I’ll talk to her.

I’ll dazzle her with my accent and throw in a couple of ‘pops’, ‘kilometers’, and ‘chicken balls’ and next thing you know, you’ll be out riding it.

That sure is purrrrdy!!!

At this point my UW 36" makes for a great conversation piece.

I first need to convince Renie to let me ride it again!:frowning:

I was really starting to enjoy the ride.

That was my first distance ride for the UW.

I will post a video of the wheel in action at some point down the line. I am having problems downloading it.


They do seem to fit on pretty snugly all around. They are Kona “Launch” leg pads. I found them here, and a review here, but they might not make them anymore.

It figures!

All good things are hard to find!

I’ll start looking thanks for the info.

I’m determined to find pads that will actually work.

Especially before the official launch of Just One Wheel Inc when we will be liable for people under our supervision.

Thanks again,


if i was in the market for new pads, I would try these:<>prd_id=845524442422925&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302693161&bmUID=1139797249599

I’m not sure what the American equivelant to Mountain Equipment Co-op is, but these guys sell all sorts of outdoorsy stuff, and their own name brand stuff. If I am looking for something, especially cycling related, this is ALWAYS my first stop

I haven’t heard any reviews of them, but they looked shaped just like my KH pads (give or take) and mine do not slide down a bit…when these pads go, I will be ordering a set from MEC to replace them

(You need a membership to shop here though)

(It’s a one time fee of $5cdn…that’s approx $0.02US)

Right on!

Those look great!

They’ve addressed all the deficiencies the 661’s have.

Unlike 661’s these are offered in a tall version. Not that I am so tall (5’10")

But, it’s all about keeping the knees covered even as they hit the ground

I wish I knew how lame 661’s were prior to using them.

If I had these pads I would still be rockin.

Thanks Dude.

I will now fly in 100 chicken balls from Canada for your stay in May.


I’ll bring the Poutine

Re: The Next Long Island Muni Ride And A Whole Lot More! Saturday 4/1/06

On Sun, 12 Feb 2006 20:51:31 -0600, JustOneWheel wrote:

>Those look great!
>They’ve addressed all the deficiencies the 661’s have.

The review linked from that page is mixed. One quote: “there is no
protective fabric on the leg pads to cover your calves, so the straps
rub against your skin and cause irritation”.

The irritation is one thing, but the thin fabric at the rear side of
661’s also offers a surprising amount of protection against pedal
bites. Wouldn’t want to give up on that.

For me, during MUni with the 661’s, most crashes are at low speed and
sliding down (and exposing knee) is not so much of an issue - at least
it never happened to me.

I appreciate that you did distance with them, which is different. I’ve
seen a recommendation to use “bare” hard shell knee protectors for
distance. They would slide on the road rather than down your knees.

dang :frowning:

I’ll bring the “patch kit”.:smiley:

I bought a pair about 3 years back to try them out. They arrived and were way too skinny for my legs (I was in decent shape, so it was walking and uni-muscle). I returned them for the next size up and they were the same. I returned those and never got a refund, so MEC got crossed off the list. :frowning:

I’ll have a spare Uni just in case!

By ‘Patch Kit’, do you mean driving away with all my footage, video equipment, helmet, jacket, and gloves?