THE NEXT 2013 KH Team Video

Just thought maybe some of you guys would like to see this!

Terrific! Thanks!

Nice editing.

Can’t see it … GEMA-issues in Germany :frowning:


Wow. Those guys are truly dedicated athletes. Now I have to watch it again.


I’m glad to hear good comments so far! Thanks everyone!

I wonder how Kris can tell the same story in hundreds interviews losing no part of his great charm. His riding is special, always recognizable and nice to watch. No offense to the rest of the team. The video amazingly balances between entertaintment and a commercial.

A great intro to the non-uni audience if they don’t have a hour to watch Dan’s vid IMO.

Since this is a KH vid I was a bit surprised to see one clip w/ an Impact Gravity frame (13:44).

That’s actually a carbon fiber frame that is one of my dad’s projects. I was testing it out for durability and such.

Cool, but it still funny to see it in a factory video.

I enjoyed watching it.

@6:16: “It’s part of the sport.”

That’s my new catchphrase. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed that video.
I’m still a beginner and it helped me in an unexpected way: see people fall. It reassured me that it’s normal to fall more than you would, say on a bicycle.

Falling stepping off… same thing I guess :smiley:

I now rank right up there with Kris,we both fall. Hehehehe, Nice video and I can only wish I was that good.

Not true technically… :sunglasses: