The new forum software and "Likes" ❤


You haven’t missed the Like feature, and some of you use it:


I invite you to use Likes here because they’re not made only to make people feel great. :smile:
I know some people don’t feel Likes being useful, but here it is a bit different from Facebook or other social media.

Likes are mainly used to:

  • Create automated summaries of very long topics, by selecting posts that are the most insightful, interesting, informative, or funny. So, posts that have been liked the most.
  • Filter “Top” threads: The new software has only been used for less than a month, but over time, the threads listed here will be the most interesting ones.
  • Increase users trustiness. Over time, you’ll all gain trust levels, which means you have more weight in the community and, ultimately, will let you assist the forum staff by being able to move other’s topics from a category to another, or rename the title, or hide spam posts for all users.
    Basically, trusted users make the forum self-moderated to some extent. And since the unicyclist community is quite well-behaved, that’s for the better. :smile:

For those who want to know more about trust levels on Discourse (this forum software), here’s more information:

Luv’ ya guys. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: