The Missing Link: A 32" unicycle, a' la Walmart and UDC

Would you like salsa and sour cream with that?

there are several spoke length calculators online and here is a link to a downloadable one. If anyone is interested:

My wife will be interested in this sized wheel. She is small and used to be a wheelbuilder and mech. perhaps the perfect combo to take on a project. will pass this all on to her.

Nurse Ben, thanks for tonights dinner conversation starter.

I always have a healthy supply of hot-sauce and sour cream in the fridge.

Hence the “might”

Who knows though, I am still planning on trying it with a 36" wheel some time.

I would really like to build a 32er

I am back in US for a month or 2 over Xmas if anyone wants to go halves on a Walmart 32 cruiser for a donor???

Hey Alan, the only problem with your plan is if you can’t find one in stock.

Apparently they are not in all Walmarts and by Xmas they may not be around at all due to the change in seasons.

Where will you be staying when you come back to the States?

Honestly, considering that you live overseas and this product may not be around forever, you might want to get two rims and two tire/tubes, that way you have a back up.

The tire is pretty good really, and having a spare tubre and tire is worthwhile. Two rims, two tires, two tubes for ~$200 USD is a pretty good deal.

While you’re here you should look into getting the new 36er tire :slight_smile:

I am in New York pretty regularly… my other thought is that they are boud to offer spares for them at some point so I could get a front wheel set then??

That would be a lovely thought, but we’re talking about a bike made in China for Kent/Walmart, so that might be wishful thinking.

There is some discussion on MTBR about a new wheel standard between 32" and 36", and Josh at UDC has a built 32" wheel (sister to mine) that is doing the tour at UDC, so anything is possible.

The current tire is good enough that it’d be worthwhile having a second one. I only have one 32" tire/rim/tube, so my current plan is to build a frankentire, but if that doesn’t work so well, then I might be interested in splitting another bike.

It really does ride well, worth the effort and cost, esp if you are building it on a 48h hub, then it’s simply plug and play. My hybrid wheel build is a little funky (36h hub to 48h rim), so I’m being careful with it; that shouldn’t last long :wink:

Hey Nurse Ben, I build up my 32" today and got a chance to to ride it for 30 minutes.

First impression, Liking it. The bigger, heaver 36" still seems to be in a class of it’s own, and I love that big wheel ride. The feel of the lighter, thinner 32" wheel is more of a step up from a 28" than a smaller 36" wheel. The 32 seems as nimble as the 28", with a larger wheel.

I hate to admit that I didn’t build the wheel myself. I got anxious this weekend, calculated that with the Nimbus ISIS 48h hub it should be 4cross. I tried to build the wheel, got fed up, and brought it into the local bike shop. They calculated/started 4 cross, but ended up building it 3 cross. Reused the spokes and nipples without cutting.

Swapped the wheel into my 36" KH frame and was rolling. (New KH 36 frame and parts are on order:)

I’ll get it out tomorrow and put a few miles on the 32, see how it really rides.

Alan I forgot I will check the Walmarts in my area, give me a few days and I will let you know :slight_smile:

FYI, Those 32" bikes are available to order through walmart online. Free shipping to the store

Yes, that’s right, it’s more like a taller 28/29 than a short 36. Light and flickable, not much more work than riding a 29", but with more speed and stability.

It’s not a replacement for the 36" which is still one of my favorite rides off road, I suppose if I had a Nimbus production version of the 32" and a real off road tire like I’m running on the 36", there’s a chance it would be my primary muni; I find the 29" is a little twitchy and slow these days :roll_eyes:

My 32" is mounted in the Impulse, we’re heading South tomorrow morning for a long single track ride at Raccooon Mountain. I wish I had my tire down already, the stock tire is a bit skinny for trail riding; though just right for road I’d imagine.

I’m in the process of building a tire using some old Ardents or maybe I’ll drop some coin and get something else…but if my idea for the build works and the tire stays together, it might be worth repeating.

Sounds like you thought it was a worthwhile project :smiley:

Spread the word, this could be the groundswell needed to get a new wheel standard.

Any good ways of getting rid of the donor carcass? It’s an aluminum frame. I’m thinking I’ll bring it a metal scrap yard. Seems a shame to trash it, haven’t even taken the packing foam off the frame. Without the wheels, except for the seat and handle bar… it’s worthless, right?

Just occurred to me that the on line picture showed a bottle holder, I’ll have to check for that.

I put my “carcass” in our front yard with a free sign, it was gone when I looked an hour later.

Okay, so I live in the land of the Clampets, so give it two hours in a more cosmopolitan area :roll_eyes:

I am now the proud owner of a donor 32" bike … I think I will rebuild it with 29" wheels and sell it at some point to get the money back :slight_smile:

I could make use of one set of 32" tire-and-rim, if you have one to much!


Back from a few miles on the 32".

I don’t have a technical review, It’s a great unicycle, but I sorta missed my 36. The rail trail I ride is flat, fine for me on a 36. I’d say ride the largest wheel you like for how you like to ride. My ordered list would be:

  1. the 36 standard, I have KH frame, nightrider tire, and typical heavy tube.
  2. the 36 as above with a lightweight Foss inner tube, changes the heavy personality of the 36 into a standard unicycle feel. (I gave away my foss tube, and went back to the rubber tube.)
  3. the 32 because it’s bigger than the smaller wheels.

I did get a little off the paved trail and the 32 was fine, I easily got up a rocky slope that I have a hard time with on the 36. I could see a wider rim 32(this one is 1 inch) becoming popular with muni riders. I’ll let Nurse Ben and others talk about that since I’m not off the paved path very often.

Sorry, the redundant wheel set is already gone… but I will be back in the US over Xmas if you want another and could wait?

Rode out at Five points in NE georgia, on Lookout Mountain which is also home to Ruby Fall and Rock City:

This was our first time there, trails opened last year with a big effort by SORBA. The trails vary from easy double track to tight steep psingle track. Most of the trails are built by hand on land donated to the Geogia State Deparment of Forestry.

I headed up the hill on the 32er, rode a sustained intermediate trail to th etop, looped around the mountain and took a screaming switchback ride down to the car. On the way up I was wishing I had longer cranks, on the way down I was really wishing I had longer cranks; running 150’s, but would prefer 165’s.

On my second loop I switched to the 29er because it was an “expert” trail. It didn’t really rate expert, but it waas really twisty up and downs, with some super steep climbs, so it was probably better that I had a smaller wheel.

I’m starting on my frankentire this week, look for pictures and a how to write up, still contemplating tire choices, but I’m leaning toward either a 2.4 racing ralph or a 2.25 ardent.

this is fun to read. i really like this idea

Just back from my first test ride on my 32 :slight_smile: … wow its good, feels really light and manouverable :slight_smile: