The magazine SWITCH UNIMAG 4 !!

Hi everybody,

The fourth issue of Switch Unimag is went out ( In english !):

Dan heaton, Yoggi, Jeff groves, Poham brothers, Winter EUC, KH team 2009 with Adrien Delecroix and many more!
And still:
Lots of interviews, files and amazing pictures !!

Hope you’ll enjoy !

Switch Unimag.

Cool. Seems like a good mag. I may have to buy one.:smiley:

I didn’t even know Sabin Arditty was still riding.

I didn’t even know he existed.:stuck_out_tongue:

Then go buy defect… NOW!

I think it’s great to have another uni mag to choose from! :slight_smile:

Ohhh I’ve seen that. So I guess I knew he existed I just didn’t know his name.:stuck_out_tongue:

You could buy it here :
http://Buy it here

Is this some kind of spam? April 09 was a while ago… Or is this some attempt at google indexing?

That means to say you haven’t seen defect? :open_mouth:


On page 20, in the Old School Memories’s files, who is wearing a bra?

maybe instead of asking for the answers, u should buy the magazines and look for urself

+1 :wink:

well, i say that that is a dumb idea…this is such a scam for money, the magazine buys ONE orange bud and asks questions about 3 magazines @ 12 dollars each so in order to get the questions if no one wants to help you have to spend 36$ on magazines, so in order to make money, they would only have to have around 11 people participate! i say we post the answers! :angry:

Dude… it isn’t as if the only purpose of the magazines are for this… People bought them before they knew of this contest…

LOL! thats the funniest shit ive heard all day: “this company is making money! thats a scam! companies shouldnt b making money!”

i say u calm the f*ck down and consider the livelihoods of others (e.g. arthur and tim who r paying for the orange bud). if u dont like it then go buy an orange bud with ur own friggin money rather than whingeing about how u hav to pay only $36 to possibly win one.