The Leg Annihilator

I’ve been looking for a way to train my legs and cardio to the max. Today I tried combining a 2.3 mile uni ride (24", 127’s) to a local soccer field with one session of tabata sprinting, then a 2.3 mile ride home. I haven’t sprinted in years, so it was more like miserably slow running, plus I’m not accustomed to sucking in so much cold air, then add workboots on a wet, muddy field… I loved it! It didn’t kill me the way I had hoped, as I was able to ride home. I think there’s promise, my cardio just needs to catch up.

Any exercise I do has to be accesible from my front door and not use a vehicle for travel, as my wife has the car at work. If you have suggestions for other ways to destroy leg function within those parameters, I’m all ears!

I should mention I have no affiliation with Ross Training. It was the first google entry that had a good definition of tabata sprinting, for those who aren’t familiar.

Try riding with the seat out. I can ride seat-in-front and I have been practicing seat drags a bit. When I want a good leg workout, I ride seat-in-front for a long distance (several hundred meters).

Also try seat squats, eh? Ride a little bit Seat in Front, stop, and squat down as far as you can. Hold that, then get up, ride off and repeat.