The 'Kris Holm love thread'

I want to be just like you when the movement returns to my legs :slight_smile:

js and kh my buddy.JPG



Ouch, what happened to your legs?

the army dude shot them off… for posting in the wrong forum, well deserved punishment…

:smiley: Just follow this law and you’ll be ok:D
:sunglasses: :wink: :astonished: :wink:

if its easier to see…

The Law Of Posting

-Never argue with this law-
-Never post sappy threads-
-Threads are always about unicycle related subjects-
-No stupid comments in threads like +1, Rofl, Lol-
-Only post if you know what you are talking about-
-Never use more than 7 smilies for racial issues-
-No posting of advertisements-
-no offencive comments or fights in the forums-
all Breakings of This Law is punishable by death

now you know you’ll die next time you do a stupid thead or comment…no offence just informing the public, this law was set in the dawn of…

post law small.bmp (259 KB)

This looks hardcore photoshoped.

You’re right… I thought it was real at first.

It looks like Kris is going to fall over Jonathon…
And he’s holding his hands up to push away!

It’s a screenshot from Defect, with the worshipping guy on the wheelchair photoshopped in. That’s exactly what it looks like to me.

Thank god, I thought I was the only one who thought it was real… I felt a bit stupid :frowning:

lol quite funny some thought it was real… i mean the two pictures have way different resolutions… little blurring needed there too…

Its not real?

you’re not real!

im sure it isnt real though, no.

I bet he used paint, drew a line around a pic of himself, copied that pic, then put him in the picture, you can see where he outlined himself, where it is all white.

I do love Kris Holm. If it wasn’t for him, I know this sport would still just be circus acts, and an idiotic way of transportation.

-Shaun Johanneson

I love that attitude Shaun. Expert admiring expert.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ily Kh.