The Historic Repack Muni Ride

All Muniers–

If anyone is interested, we are putting together a ride at Repack (which is a
famous mountain biking trail in Marin County, California, USA). Mountain Biking
started at Repack, so we thought it would be cool to have a Mountain Unicycle
Ride there, since muniing is just starting out like mountain biking was 20 years
ago. Hence the reason were calling it the “Historic Repack Ride”. I would like
to take some cool pictures and then send the pictures to mountain biking
magazines. There has been a lot of talk recently about mountain biking history
in magazines, so this could be a good tie-in. Also, I want to send some pictures
to people like Gary Fisher, who has been building bikes since the beginning of
mountain biking.

We are going to meet at 4 pm at the bottom of Repack on Saturday August 8th.
Directions and some info are available on my web page at

Please email me if you are interested in coming.

Brett Bymaster