The fun starts tomorrow.

Got my baby today.

I’ve been awake over 20 hours now and don’t trust myself to ride it yet. I’ll wake up fresh later on and be able to safely run it through it’s paces. If I get on it now I’ll just crack a wrist or something and that will really tork my jaw.

That’s a Dave Stockton wheel with the sidewalls machined for when I decide to up grade the frame and go with a brake setup. And yes, that’s a Scott Wallis Road Relief Saddle with the V-Grip option.

I plan on putting a whole bunch of miles on that sucker starting in about 10 hours.

There’s nothing like getting a cool new toy to stave off sleep when you most desire it… :stuck_out_tongue: There are a couple more pics in my gallery.

good luck trying to fall asleep

i wish i had a uni as sexy as that one

nice… where did you get it?

I live down the street from Dave and Scott. (neener neener neener) It’s been in the works for a few months now. Dave put it all together for me. See. I’m still not in bed. My eyes are like this - :astonished:

hahaha. your so luckey… i know its kind of rude to ask this but how much did you pay for it?

Not too much of a secret really. The major costs were the wheel and saddle and those prices are published on their sites.

Price: $481.84
Machined Sidewall Surcharge: $60.00

Road Relief saddle with no handle or bumper $ 285.00
V-Grip handle $ 110.00
Carbon fiber bumper $ 25.00

Bedford Coker Frame $99
and toss in some extra for cranks, seatpost, pedals… Plus some caring labor and your right in the ballpark.

Next year I will spring for upgrades.

not a bad way to spend near 1000 dollars but for that much i would have expected it to have a brake…

Ahhh grasshoppa. Brakes are mass produced. The coveted parts on my beauty were mostly handcrafted. And that in itself is priceless. :wink:

(Can you tell I’m still awake… almost 22 hours. I have resorted to New Belgium Diere De Mars for assistance.)

why dont you go to sleep?

Ok. I slept… now I have to wait for daylight. :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m a night worker.)