The flying 12 foot unicycle !!

Nathan Hoover wrote:

> Just Think what it would’ve looked like to someone following on the freeway!

And Steve Dressler added :


And even better, what the freeway report from the “Traffic Copter” guy would
have sounded like!

" … er, uh, ccccccchhhhhhhhcccc, SHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSSSH And on the US 80
at the Tom Miller Interchange this morning, there’s quite a snarl as drivers in
both directions slow to oggle a young man PUSHING A 25’ UNICYCLE along the
median strip. There are even a few stalled COKERS in the fast lane … so
please choose an alternate route to work this morning … ccccccchhhhhhhhhccc
ssshhhhhhhhhhh, …"

(wish I had a sound bite of this) :wink:

Ric Bissel, wanna try?


P.S. Would also make a GREAT ADDITION to the “Tom Miller (Tales of True Lives)
UNI - Cartoon Collection”