the death of my uni

i was wondering if anyone has any favourite unicycles, because i am in the market for a new unicycle. seeing how i have 3 and one died during an operation and the other has been devouted to a better purpose, (teaching my 8 year old brother how to ride) and… the homey of uni (fishy cheese) has ruined one of my seats, i have been forced to ride my giraffe. i don’t much like learning how to do crank hangs and wheel walking on a giraffe. i would like to purchase a new uni, any comments on who to buy from, weather or not i should custom build, and most escpecially, what type of seat to buy.
any comments welcome


You mentioned liking crank hangs and WW, so why not give the United/Monty or Onza a shot?

i don’t really know if i like them or not, but they are the next things to learn on my list. and it really doesn’t work on a giraffe, i can wheel walk about 5 meters on (my dead) 24 in torker but i haven’t tried on my giraffe, because i need some stilts first


That seats not really broken, you just need to tighten it up real good. My dad and I have figured out whats up with those faag seats. Best solution Weld the ENTIRE booger together(any thing that moves including the post)