The Deadly Truth of Shoelaces. (post your shoelace related adventures here)

I just got my shoelace wrapped around my pedal and was spinning so fast that I ripped it clean off.

I didn’t even notice until I went down to tie my shoe and saw that half the lace was missing.

I admit, I should have realized something was up when the unicycle went flying out in front of me instead of remaining attached to my foot, but I HAD been going quite fast and was a little shaken. I may or may not have been able to hop out of it had I been on the one foot.

How about you? I know at least one of you has broken something because of a shoelace.

I once forgot to tie my shoe as I was approaching a 5 stair in pensylvania. It was a really long and abnormally tall 5 set, in which my shoelace got caught between the frame and the tire just before I went to jump. Probably my worst bail to date. Landed on my arm and had a huge bruise. Never broken anything, knock on wood.

The first time I wrapped a shoelace (nylon) around a pedal, I was lining up for a parade and ended up laying in the street in front of a bunch of people. :o

The second time I wrapped a shoelace (cotton) around a pedal, I felt a big tug and the shoelace broke but I stayed upright on the unicycle. :smiley:

I have done exactly the same thing as you.

I went through the stage where you thinkg oh bugger I can feel my foot pulling, I know what’s coming up but then a big relief when it snapped off and I kept going :slight_smile:

Very recently this happened.
My friend and I (he on his bike and me on my unicycle). He rode with me down his street because I was heading home. So once I was about 10 meters away from him, my lousy and long shoelace got caught around my pedal and it sent me off the seat and hitting the ground, getting scratces and pain. But at that moment, just seconds before I had fell off, I saw my friend on the ground with his shoelace caught somewhere in his bike!

And shoelaces are not rare to get stuck on the pedal for me >.<

Left side is accident waiting to happen! Tuck 'em in! :sunglasses:

Oh, and I finally cleaned my kitchen!:o (And fridge…it was a most frightening sight!)




Oh, and that’s not random in the least!:o (And yes…I’ve had quite a few shoelace dismounts!)

The only reason the laces snapped is all the stress I’ve put them through in the past. This is lucky, because I was going faster than any of the other times. I snapped the lace with so much force that my other foot was thrown off the pedal and the lace still was giving enough torque to then throw the unicycle.

Haha, the only reason I mentioned that, is because a recent video I posted showed me in my kitchen, and at least one person posted that I should clean it: (I took his advice! :slight_smile: )

This was an excerpt of his comment:


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Nice old tunes. I’m Always eager to see a new Unigeezer clip

CLEAN UP that kitchen,

On another note…I thought I was the only one that kept his camelbacks in the fridge. I do keep mine in a garage refridge, not the one in the main kitchen. My wife would blow a gasket if I did.

Thanks for the clip

What shoes are those? Do they have good grip?


I’ve killed a few sets of headphones by having them fall out of my ears into the spokes. It sucks like a popsicle to not be able to listen while riding.

As far as shoe laces, i’ve had them wrapped up so tight that when i try to go bail, my feet end up staying on. Also sucks like a popsicle.

I just tuck my laces in the laced laces.

Did you ever think about wireless (if your mp3 player has bluetooth or whatever)??? I use wireless and sometimes wired, wired is annoying and I almost brokae a pair. Wireless does not get in the way at all (but collects sweat from my hair).

Also have you tried to put the wires through the bottem of your shirt and out the neck?

I haven’t had a shoelace fall. The picture shows how I tie my shoes to avoid the possibility. Just skip the top inside hole when lacing so that the tie falls to the outside. Should get shorter laces, but it works fine so far.

(I don’t have a picture of my kitchen :slight_smile: )

Yes, almost TOO good! Best MUni shoe I’ve ever had, and I own 3 pair!

They are “High Impact” made by Five. Ten. More on them here.

So while I was cokering at top speed, I started to feel a tug at my shoe and I knew exactly what was about to happen. I’d gotten my shoelace caught before, but never on my coker and never going top speed. It hurt. The lace didn’t break cleanly and it sent me flying with the unicycle in tow. I got a pretty bad road rash and it scratched up my seat, but thankfully no broken bones. It was almost as bad as the time I cokered over a hidden patch of ice and was sent flying sideways

BOTH of them? :astonished:

The best I’ve seen was Siaferides face plant on The SINZ Tour. It looked pretty impressive from where I was.

I never ever unicycle with shoelaces. It’s dangerous. I had a few hard faceplants when I first started riding. Thankfully that was on a 20".

That made me cringe just reading it.

I’ve got the shoelace wrapped around the spindle of the pedal twice. The scariest time was when I was riding over to my friends house in the pitch black at like 9:00 and it wrapped around. I was in the middle of the street with a car coming. I had to drag my foot with the unicyle attatched to it to the side of the road, with a piece of flesh on my ankle also caught.

“oh yeah!?” :sunglasses:


“oh yeah!?” :sunglasses: