The danger of the Ultimate Wheel!

Last night, i started practicing on my home made 26" ultimate wheel, didn’t have the right kind of pants, so i used shorts (and yes, it did hurt a bit), with no protection from the tyre at all!

Anyways, a i have done 2 full revs! That’s about 4 meters!

But now, to the dangerus part.
WHen practicing alone later at night, starting from the doorway, did 1 rev, and lost momentom of the wheel, started falling forwards… Didn’t think of it much, it’s just to step off… But, my foot got a bit stuck, so i fell forward, tried to take the fall with my right hand, but i didn’t prepare for the impact, and the hand was way to near the wheel.

I got my fingertips to the floor, and the rest of the fingers (fingertips pointing forwards), but then i continued falling forward… facing the fact that my hand was in height of my hip, not a good sign.

Of course i landed with my hip on my wrist, and so the palm started to point forward… but wait, this isn’t the way the fingers is sopose to bend! Bending that much that the angle between my fingers and the top of my hand was about 45 degrees.

Couldn’t feel the pain at first, but the arm felt very heavy and unresponsive… i screamed a bit, heard “that’s the way it goes!” from a friend in a office who heard but didn’t see the crash.

Anyway, i waited for 5 minutes, put it in cold water, but it didn’t get any better, it just started hurting even more…
I called 112 (911), and explained, she asked if i was i shape of riding a cap, and i was… 10 minutes later i was in the cab, it’s only like 4 km to the hospital, the ride costed ~100 SEK, and i had to pay 60… (7€), bummer.

In the emergency, i explained, again… and got to see a doctor who felt on my hand, listened to how the accident happend… and said i would scream much more if anything was broken, but that i could have broken several bones and trashing some soft-parts in the hand. But gave me a Alvedon and a bandage said i would come back tomorrow for an x-ray.

He had quite the laugh of me riding unicycle in the middle of the night (02AM this is) and hurting myself, i corresponded that there were much less people outside at night, and that it’s not more slippery so it’s not bigger chance to hurt yourself by night… he thought of this, laughed some more, and said i probably was right.

I had a very chilly walk back home, about 4km, in -12C, without gloves, because i didnät have any cash for the cab ride…

Anyway, got up at 12:00, met a friend (maybe my next girlfriend, who actually can ride unicycle, but it was years ago, and she don’t want to lend mine), and took a bus to the hospital… got to get an xtay… and, i then had started to understand i got quite a celebrity. The nurse asked “You did this on a unicycle?”, and i said yes.

Waited for the answer, and i got it, no fractions in my hand, really good to know. Did go back to the emergency, to have a tlak with a doctor and so on… the girl behind the desk looked up on me and smiled, said something about ice and a unicycle… Finaly i met my doctor, who said it would probably be alot better in a week, and if not allmost all good in 2 weeks, i’ld come back.

Anyway, now i’m at home, have taked the bandage off. The hand feels kind of strange, but i can write on a keyboard (as you see), i canät really grip anything heavy, and i cant point the fingers out strange, and i simply CAN’t bend them upwards, it hurts like hell.

Wonder when i can get on the UW again!
Just wait for the new thread about my Ultimate Adventures!

(Sorry for the kind of ugly english used above, english is not my native language…)

Use Ice … to reduce swelling…

then heat … to clear the blood vessels.
(reduces bruising)

Do it in cycles , couple times a day.

You’ll actually see the bruising dissappear.

Did’nt the docter give you anti-blood-coagulate …?
(to reduce risk of blood clot in the brain)

I was walking my dog for 20 minutes without gloves, and its -2C outside, and then i took a halfhours in our sauna (or what is it called?)…
Is that good enough? :slight_smile:

NO, apply ice into plastic baggie, then put a small towel around it to catch water.
Put directly on hand.
Keep it on the hand untill it hurts.
Then go to heat.
Use a hot towel, as hot as you can stand.

BTW, this is a great way to remove a black eye :smiley:

Be patient.
You should get excellent result in a few days.

Grab a few movies, and chillout :smiley:

Please don’t go between ice and heat like that. Heat should not be applied until 72 hours post-trauma.

I will post a blurb about post-trauma treatment from an article for you.

Let me know if you have any other concerns.

Whole article can be found here:

I stand corrected :slight_smile:
(I still have done it my way for a number of years)

Anyway, he’s getting close to 72 hours.
Then, he can do it my way if he desires :slight_smile:

(Not many people have the time or patience)

Oh , and like the article says , elevate you hand also …
(I forgot about that, helps throbbing pain)

Ouch!thats gotta hurt.WHen i was learning to UW all i did was scrape up my elbows and knees.

2 revs…your getting there!

How did you type all that with a hurt hand?

Typing on a keyboard is ok, since it’s not that big movements of the fingers, i can even use my right (injured) hand to hold the glass when I’m drinking water!

Some things hurts to do, but not all, and i’m very happy about that.

i had kind of the samething happen to me, i was gapping a 6 set and the handle broke off and i went to block my fall with my finders, i havnt had full movment for about 3 months.

This wouldn’t have happened on the UW36.

You would have gone a few feet further!

(Notice how HCR doesn’t ever mention his time on the UW36? :wink: ) (that was the first (only) time I met him…I felt bad as I thought he must have broken SOMETHING from his (just like you describe) wipeout!

just cut it off lol

Re: The danger of the Ultimate Wheel!

And yet you type better then a large number of the people on this forum who do speak English as a first language.

I hope you make a swift recovery and get back on the UW.

UW injury

I made an UW (and then broke it within 15minutes!)

But before it broke I fell off it. I fell forward, went to step off, feet got tangled and I just flopped forward onto the ground.

BUT I had my wrist-guards on knowing that I would probably fall whilst learning.

I landed on my front with my arm across my ribs. The plastic bit off the wrist-guard (the bit that keeps your wrist from bending) got me right in the ribs.

It was seriously sore, I could hardly breathe or move, so I just sat on the floor for about 10 minutes. I thought I had broken a rib (and this just 2 weeks after breaking my big toe!) cos it hurt like hell trying to get up out of a chair, breathing was sore, I couldn’t cough, sneezing is still a bit snore.

But it turns out I ripped a bit of the muscle from my ribs off the ribs. I fell on 31st december 2004 and as I say, sneezing still hurts a bit.

Since then I only wear my wrist guards for muni.

So, Aye, UW’s are dangerous.