The 'Challenge Accepted' Thread.

Just an idea I randomly had, not sure if its any good but hey- why not see what people think. Theres most likely something similar to this but Id like to hear peoples opinions.

So it goes like this…
There could be different skill levels of this e.g Beginner, intermediate and advanced (as seen in otg and other games)

You post within this thread to other riders to do a specific combo or trick (a challenge) and if they like the sounds of it they say ‘Challenge Accepted’. The user who comes up with the challenge gives them a time frame.

If the rider dislikes the challenge they can either decline or ask for the challenge to be changed to something either easier or harder.

Just an idea to get people out challenging themselves and others to improve.

Some of the big riders could be like “Max do a max whip flip”
Just for everyone to push each other ehh.

Any comments on how it could be improved or if it will even work? :stuck_out_tongue:

Boffy do a trick

YEEESS So much motivation!

thats old footage :frowning:

Sounds fun. So basically one person 1 names a trick/combo for person 2, and then person 2 does it?

Do a fifth flip, Julia :slight_smile:

Oh man. Challenge Accepted!

Do a backroll mount Aaron. :slight_smile:


Gimme a 24" big street challenge!

jump 12set+

I wanna challange :slight_smile:

Mike I challenge you to land a 5side

Oh god i’m gonna die but challenge accepted, Sam i challenge you to a 5spin

sick :smiley: its oooon

Challenge accepted! Just gotta find a good one with a decent run up!

Edmund Leduc I challenge you to do a tripleflip!

Challenge accepted
starts to look for a good ledge to do it off hehehe

bavo, I challenge you to do a 360 unispin :wink:

Ok :slight_smile:

Landed :slight_smile:

nice, I didn’t think you should have it this fast :smiley: